King & Queen Size Bed Dimensions Guide (2024)

Are you looking for a Queen or King size bed, but confused about the king-size bed dimensions in feet and the queen-size bed dimensions in feet, our mattress size guide can help you find the right mattress.

December 04, 2023 06:00 pm | Updated 06:00 pm IST

King Size Bed Dimensions & Queen Bed Measurements

King Size Bed Dimensions & Queen Bed Measurements

When furnishing your home in India, one of the key decisions you’ll make is choosing the right bed size. While the Western world often relies on standard measurements, India has its array of dimensions tailored to the needs of its diverse population. Many reputed brands, such as Sunday Mattress, offer multiple bed sizes and customisation options. In addition, they offer 100 nights trial which is very handy when you need clarification on the comfort of the bed and even the sizes.

Choosing the right size bed can be confusing. That’s why we researched and prepared this detailed guide on different bed sizes in India and choosing the right mattress for your needs.

Understanding Indian Bed Sizes

In India, bed sizes are meticulously designed, taking into account the nuances of the country’s living spaces and the needs of its people. This table provides an overview of the standard Indian bed sizes:

Standard Bed Sizes in India

Standard Bed Sizes in India

The width of each mattress size is fixed. However, the length is commonly available in standard options of 72, 75, 78 or 84 inches.

For example, a popular King size mattress may come in dimensions like:

  • 72 x 72 inches
  • 72 x 75 inches
  • 72 x 78 inches
  • 72 x 84 inches

Multiple options allow you to choose the ideal length based on the height of the tallest sleeper.

Mattress Size and Their Dimensions (Source - Sunday)

Mattress Size and Their Dimensions (Source - Sunday)

Here are our recommendations for each mattress size:

  • King Size Bed Dimensions (72” width) - Largest size, ideal for couples or families
  • Queen Bed Measurements (60” width) - Spacious for couples
  • XL Queen Size Bed Dimensions (66” width) - Extra room for couples
  • Double Bed (48” width) - Perfect size for single adults
  • Single Bed (36” width) - Great for kids and single sleepers
  • Diwan Cot (30” width) - Compact bed for smaller rooms
  • Lengths - All sizes available in lengths of 72”, 75”, 78” or 84”
  • Choose length based on the tallest sleeper’s height
  • King & Queen lengths of 78-84” work for most couples
  • Go for 84” length if someone is over 6’5” tall

How to Choose the Right Bed Size? (A Three-Fold Approach)

Selecting the ideal bed size involves considering three crucial factors: room size, the height of the occupants, and the number of people using the bed.

1. Room Size

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your room. There is no universal guideline for how much space you need around your bed. It’s more about finding the right balance. Our research indicated that having 1.5x2 feet of space on each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed is a golden rule.

Suppose you have yet to put a wardrobe in your room. In that case, you also need to consider the depth of the wardrobe to see the maximum free space available to arrive at the possible size of the bed.

For example, if your room is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long (leaving out the wardrobe), then 10 feet minus 4 feet (2 feet on each side) and 12 feet minus 2 feet on the length give free space of 6x10 feet. This means you can fit a bed up to 6 feet wide and 10 feet long in your room.

King Size Bedroom layouts (Source - Dimensions)

King Size Bedroom layouts (Source - Dimensions)

2. Height of the Tallest Person

Next, consider the height of the tallest person who will sleep on the bed. You want to ensure the mattress is long enough for them to stretch their legs comfortably. An excellent way to do this is to add 6-12 inches (but an average of 9 inches is suitable) to the height of the tallest person.

For example, if the person is 5-8 inches, the king size bed specs should be 6 feet 5 inches minimum so that the person is comfortable.

Bed Size as per Height (Source - Ganpati Arts)

Bed Size as per Height (Source - Ganpati Arts)

3. Number of Occupants

Here’s a scenario many Indian families face - two adults and a little one. Our team discovered a general standard: allowing at least 30 inches for adults and 15 inches for a toddler (under 5 years old). Our research also suggests that after age 5, it’s beneficial for a child to have a separate bed.

Letting children sleep separately from their parents has many benefits, such as improving their sleep quality, increasing their independence, and avoiding adverse effects on their psychology. Based on this, if two adults and one kid sleep on the same bed, the king size bed width should be at least 30+30+15 = 75 inches wide.

Pro Tip - As per our calculations, the closest standard size that fits our criteria is king size bed size dimensions, usually 72 inches wide by 78 inches long. A slight compromise of 3 inches on the width is acceptable, as we do not recommend customisation or non-standard sizes.
Bed Size Dimensions Guide (Source - Sleep Advisor)

Bed Size Dimensions Guide (Source - Sleep Advisor)

Measuring Your Existing Bed: How to Get It Right

Suppose you already have a cot or bed and are considering buying a new mattress or bed sheet. In that case, you must know the exact king bed mattress measurements. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Gather the tools

To measure your bed, you will need the following tools:

  • A measuring tape or a ruler
  • A pen and a paper
  • A calculator (optional)

Note - You can also use a smartphone app that can measure distances using the camera, but be careful about the accuracy and calibration of the app.

Step 2: Measure the bed length

The length of your bed is the distance from the headboard to the footboard or from one end of the queen-sized bed size to the other. To measure the length, follow these steps:

  • Remove pillows, blankets, or other items that might interfere with the measurement.
  • Place one end of the measuring tape or ruler at the edge of the headboard or the mattress, whichever is longer.
  • Stretch the measuring tape or ruler along the centre of the bed until you reach the edge of the footboard or the mattress, whichever is longer.
  • Note down the measurement size of a queen-sized bed in inches or centimetres.

Step 3: Measure the bed width

The width of your bed is the distance from one side of the mattress to the other. To measure the queen-size bed dims, follow these steps:

  • Remove items that might interfere with the measurement, such as bedside tables, lamps, or books.
  • Place one end of the measuring tape or ruler at the edge of one side of the mattress.
  • Stretch the measuring tape or ruler across the mattress until you reach the edge of the other side.
  • Note down the measurement of the queen size bed size dimensions in inches or centimetres.
Measure the bed width (Source - Wikihow)

Measure the bed width (Source - Wikihow)

Step 4: Compare with standard sizes

Now that you have the queen-size bed dimensions in feet, you can compare it with standard online mattress sizes to see what type of bed you have. If your measurements are close to standard bed sizes, you have that type of mattress. You have a custom or non-standard bed if your measurements differ from these standard sizes.

How to Measure Your Mattress Size? (Source - SleepyCat)

How to Measure Your Mattress Size? (Source - SleepyCat)


  • First, measure the surface dimension where the mattress will be placed. People often measure queen-sized bed specs, including the bedding, frames, and beadings.
  • Focus on the inner king-size bed dimensions in feet. Forget about the beadings, frames, and all those extras. This will give you your cot or bed’s exact length and width.
The correct way of measuring bed size (Source - Wakefit)

The correct way of measuring bed size (Source - Wakefit)

Our experts recommend watching a quick video tutorial to ensure you’re on the right track. To make it easier, we have found a video showing you how to measure a cot.

Should You Opt for Custom Bed Sizes? Our Take on Tailored Comfort

Pro Tip: We don’t recommend custom mattress sizes for most situations. After researching everyday use cases, our experts felt that in 99% of situations, sticking with standard mattress sizes is the best option.

Custom bed sizes are usually more expensive, harder to find, and less compatible with accessories like bed sheets and covers. They also limit your options if you want to change or replace your mattress.

Here are some everyday use cases where people might think they need a custom size and our suggestions on how to resolve them:

A. For Tall Customers

I am 6-5 inches tall - Good mattress brands like Sunday offer extended lengths up to 84” in their standard twin, full, queen, and king sizes. This accommodates most taller sleepers without customisation.

B. When King Size Bed Isn’t Enough

My spouse and I are heavy, and a king size feels cramped - You can combine two latex mattresses of the same width from the standard sizes to increase the width, such as 48 + 48 or 48 + 36 inches. Even though this is not ideal, you can still use standard accessories and have more space to sleep.

C. For an Architect-designed Room

My architect designed the room for a custom-sized bed - As blunt as it sounds, we suggest you ask the architect to fit the bed frame to the closest standard size. Visual appeal should be secondary when it comes to practical aspects. You want to avoid ending up with a mattress that is hard to maintain or replace.

D. For an Empty-feeling Room

The room feels empty with a standard-size bed - We advise that you decorate the room with other items like a bookshelf, a sofa, or a rug instead of getting a custom-size bed. This will make the room look more cosy and inviting and give you more functionality and storage space.

When Choosing a Custom Bed Size Makes Sense?

The only situation where we recommend a custom mattress size is:

A. For Extremely Tall Customers

I am 7 feet tall - In rare cases, like being exceptionally tall, a custom size might be unavoidable. However, we recommend you research well before buying a custom-size mattress from the best mattress brands in India. Ensure the mattress’s quality, durability, and warranty are worth the extra cost and hassle.

Custom Size Bed (Source - Reddit)

Custom Size Bed (Source - Reddit)

B. For Existing Custom Bed Frame

My carpenter has already made the bed, which is a little less/more than the standard size - We suggest you ask the carpenter to rectify his mistake, or if it’s a small difference, just put a standard-size mattress on it. It might not look perfect, but it will save you money and trouble in the long run.

Pro Tip - Our experts recommend starting with the standard size of the mattress and making minor adjustments is the best approach for most customers. Opt for custom sizing if it’s completely unavoidable.

What to Watch Out for When Buying a Bed: Our Insider Tips

If you have yet to purchase a bed and are planning to buy a mattress for back pain, you should avoid common mistakes that can make your life harder. We have seen many people regret their bed choices, and we don’t want you to be one of them. Here are some things that you should avoid when buying a bed:

A. Avoid custom sizes as much as possible

Custom sizes sound like a good idea, but it could be a better deal. They are very pricey and hard to get. You have to pay extra for everything, from the bed frame to the mattress to the bedding. And if you ever need to change or replace anything, you will need help finding something that fits.

B. Avoid beds that need mattresses with rounded corners or any other uneven shape

Some beds look nice and fancy, but they have a hidden flaw: they need mattresses that are not normal rectangles. These mattresses are rare and uncomfortable. They don’t match well with the bed frame, so that you might end up with gaps or lumps. They also wear out faster because of their strange shape.

Custom Size Mattresses (Source - Beds by Design)

Custom Size Mattresses (Source - Beds by Design)

Our Advice - Stick with standard bed sizes and shapes. They are cheaper, easier, and more comfortable. Plus, they prevent major hassles when looking for an upgrade or replacement.

IKEA Bed Sizes: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Bed

If you are a fan of IKEA furniture, you might have visited the IKEA store to check out an IKEA bed. IKEA beds are stylish, affordable, and easy to assemble. However, there is one thing that you should know before you buy an IKEA bed: IKEA does not follow Indian sizes.

Why are IKEA sizes different?

For reasons best known to them, IKEA uses different dimensions for their beds and mattresses than the standard Indian sizes. They are buying the same products from their global manufacturers and bringing them to India. This means their beds and mattresses are either smaller or larger than the Indian sizes, depending on the type.

For example:

  • IKEA queen bed is 60.25 inches by 79.5 inches, while an Indian queen bed is 60 inches by 72 inches
  • IKEA king bed is 76 inches by 79.5 inches, while an Indian king bed is 72 inches by 72 inches
IKEA Bed Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Each night)

IKEA Bed Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Each night)

What are the problems with IKEA sizes?

This size difference can cause some problems when buying a mattress for an IKEA bed. You will have to either buy a mattress from IKEA or look for any brands that customise. Here are some of the drawbacks of both options:

  • If you buy a mattress from IKEA, you will have to pay more and have fewer options than the Indian brands.
  • Look for a brand that customises. You will have to deal with the drawbacks of customisation, such as higher cost, limited availability, and difficult maintenance.

You might also regret your decision when you see that your mattress does not fit your bed perfectly or when you have trouble finding sheets and covers that match your mattress size. You might also wonder if you could have saved money and hassle by buying a standard-size bed and mattress instead.

IKEA SONGESAND Bed Frame Dimensions (Source - IKEA website)

IKEA SONGESAND Bed Frame Dimensions (Source - IKEA website)

How can you avoid these problems with IKEA bed sizes?

The best way to avoid these problems is to avoid buying an IKEA bed in the first place. We suggest you stick to the standard bed sizes, such as king, queen, double, single, etc. These sizes are compatible with most of India’s mattress brands and accessories. They are also more affordable and easier to maintain than the IKEA sizes.

Comparing Bed Sizes Across Different Regions

There are different standards of bed sizes in other countries and regions, such as the USA, the UK, Europe, and India. These standards vary in width, length, and names of the bed sizes. For example, a US king-size bed is not the same as a UK king-size bed, and a European double bed is not the same as an Indian one.

To help you compare and choose the best bed size for your needs, we have created a table that shows the dimensions and names of the most common bed sizes in these four regions.

A. Bed Size in India - Indian bed sizes are based on the British colonial era when India was under British rule. The Indian single and double beds are the same as the UK small single and three-quarter beds, respectively. The Indian queen and king beds are slightly shorter than the UK king and super king beds.

India Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Quora)

India Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Quora)

B. Bed Sizes in the USA - USA bed sizes are influenced by the American culture and lifestyle, which values comfort and spaciousness. The US twin bed is also known as a single bed but is wider than the UK or European single beds. The US full bed is also called a double bed but narrower than the UK or European double beds. The US queen and king beds are longer than the UK or European counterparts.

US Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Thula Tula)

US Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Thula Tula)

C. Bed Sizes in the UK - UK bed sizes are based on the imperial measurement system, which uses inches and feet. The UK single and double beds are slightly narrower than the European single and double beds, which use centimetres. The UK king and super king beds are longer than the European king-sized beds.

US Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Reddit)

US Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - Reddit)

D. Bed Sizes in Europe - The bed sizes in Europe are based on the metric measurement system, which uses centimetres and meters. The European single and double beds are longer than the UK or US single and double beds. The European queen and king beds are not standardised across different countries. They may vary in width and length depending on the manufacturer.

Europe Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - A Bedder World)

Europe Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Source - A Bedder World)

Meet Our Expert
The article was written after detailed research by our expert team led by Sandhya Ravi, a certified sleep expert. Sandhya has over 15 years of experience helping people improve their sleep quality and health. She has also reviewed and tested hundreds of mattresses and bedding products to provide unbiased and reliable recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a queen size bed?

A queen size bed is 60 inches wide by 72 to 84 inches long. Queen size mattress is one of the widest standard mattress sizes, though some companies manufacture oversized and wider custom beds.

Is a 6 by 6 a king-size mattress?

Yes, a 6 by 6 bed is not a king size mattress. A standard king size mattress in India is 72 inches wide and 72 inches long.

What are the queen bed measurements in India?

A standard queen size bed in India is 60 inches wide and 72 inches long. This is the most common bed size for couples in India, as it provides enough space for two people to move around comfortably.

What size bed is 5x6?

A bed that is 5x6 is a queen size. A queen size bed is 60 inches wide by 72 inches long. This is a good choice for couples with a small child who want more space to move around than a twin size bed.

What size is 6.5 by 6 bed?

A 6.5 by 6 ft bed is a popular King size bed in India

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