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An unscientific report on ‘mitigating’ EM radiation effects

UNTAINTED: No adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use, the WHO states. Photo: C. Ratheesh Kumar The document hardly has any scientific basis, uses scary language and is riddled with questionable claims »
In this 2005 photo made available by the University of Notre Dame via the CDC, an Anopheles funestus mosquito takes a blood meal from a human host.

Indigenous malaria vaccine shows promise in mice studies

The vaccine candidate appeared to prime the immune system of the mice against the disease »
A buoy fitted with a rain gauge, floating on the waters off Lakshadweep Islands.

Ocean buoys collect vital data

Ocean buoys aren’t glamorous, seemingly doing little more than bobbing about on the waves. However, they play a vital part in collecting data about what is happening in and above the oceans. That i... »
NEW ATTRACTION: The project is supported by Christian Aid with technical support from Change Alliance. FARMER’S NOTEBOOK

An experiment proves that small farming is economically feasible

Thottiankulam village on the Sevaiyur-Tuticorin highway in Virudhunagar district is bone dry all through the year. Farmers, mostly small and marginal, have either left the place seeking work in tow... »


A software application to aid farmers

It is easy to think of applications for visually challenged people in the context of “text-to-speech” software (TTS), but now there is an application which uses TTS to help out farmers. The Sandesh... »


Managing pod borer in blackgram

Blackgram, commonly known as urdbean is cultivated in about 3.30 million hectares in the country.Among the various pests and infestations attacking the crop, insect pests are a major proble... »
More Agriculture »


Samsung ChatON to offer voice, video calls

Samsung Electronics, on Wednesday, announced the availability of features such as video calling and ability to share a file of up to 1GB in size, on its instant messaging application ‘Chat... »