The AAP as only its leader’s voice

The people of Delhi voted for Arvind Kejriwal, giving him another chance. A leader, especially a very popular one, needs a House of the People in terms of popular backing. He has gatekeepers, he needs... »
March 31, 2015

Electoral victory, political defeat

For the Aam Aadmi Party which claims the rationale for its very being is ushering in more democratic and transparent governance, the »
March 31, 2015

The Australian supremacy

If there were any doubts about Australia’s preeminence in cricket’s world order, those were ruthlessly »
LAVISH DISPLAY: “For a village of 2,500 people, the annual church festival in Thanjavur was an awesome display.”

It happens only in India

The hotel manager was politely incredulous. Wouldn’t I like a car or an auto rickshaw to take me on a tour of Thanjavur’s rural areas? No, thank you. As a Peace Corps volunteer, albeit returning af... »

Indoctrination in the guise of education

It was reported in February that the Haryana government’s Educational Consul... »
SNACK ON THE ROAD: “Street food is emerging as an important source of food for a large proportion of the population in urban and peri-urban settings.” Picture shows Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai.

Safe food, from the farm to the plate

How often do we ask ourselves if the food we are eating is safe? Do we know if it is free of bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, other contaminates, additives and adulterants which can cause... »

The legacy of the architect of Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew is no more. But the city state will be there to tell the story of his work — the transformation of Singapore from a Third world country to a First world nation. There are several pill... »
Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel

World View

What Andrea Dworkin can teach young women

Andrea Dworkin was her era’s bravest, most galvanising feminist. Ten years after her death, her hatred for the men who hate women continues to inspire  »

A. S. Paneerselvan

Readers' Editor

Time to free the radio

The overwhelming response from readers to the reports, the editorial and opinion articles following the Supreme Court of India’s decision to strike down Section 66A of the Information Technology A... »
March 31, 2015

Australia’s victory

The Australian cricket team’s total commitment to winning was evident when it benched former skipper George Bailey and brought in test captain Michael Clarke; I wonder if such practicality can eve... »
March 31, 2015


I would like to remind the writer (“Indoctrination in the guise of educat... »
March 31, 2015

A grip on AAP

Major surgery appears to have been carried out on the AAP by the Kejriwal camp, with party founders, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, being shown the door (“»
March 31, 2015

Weather watch

The reintroduction of the weather column (March 30) is cause for happiness, especially for long-time readers like me — 30 years. It has its use as I travel frequently. Its absence, for quite some... »
March 31, 2015

‘Landmark’ or ‘great’?

Whether the Supreme Court judgment quashing Section 66A of the IT Act is to be viewed as either ‘great’ or ‘landmark’ (“The ‘greatness’ of a ‘landmark’ judgment”, March 30), no purpose will be ser... »
March 30, 2015

Saina’s big moment

India’s new ‘golden girl’, Saina Nehwal, attaining the top ranking in badminton has come as a pleasant surprise (March 29), and one should not belittle the efforts put in by the Ind... »
Taslima Nasreen. Photo: Arunangsu Roy Chowdhury
March 21, 2015

‘Don’t call me Muslim, I am an atheist’

Writer Taslima Nasreen fled Bangladesh in 1994 when extremists threatened to kill her for criticising Islam, and has been living in exile since. Her country has, in recent times, seen many inte... »
Kolkata, March 18, 2015

‘Things are changing between Pakistan and Afghanistan in a constructive way’

On a three day visit to Kolkata, Pakistan’s High Commissioner Abdul Basit explained his country’s position on a whole range of issues in an interview with The Hindu. As you... »
Chief Election Commissioner H.S. Brahma during an interview in New Delhi on Friday. Photo: Prashant Nakwe
March 21, 2015

Law not a panacea for poll ills: CEC

Admitting that elections were now mainly fought by the rich and powerful, Chief Election Commissioner H.S. Brahma said in an interview that the law, however, could not help elections become free o... »
Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera.
March 14, 2015

'We are going after Rajapaksa’s stolen assets'

In the first government response to the outrage in India over Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremsinghe’s controversial comments on the “right to shoot” fishermen who trespass, Foreign Mini... »
March 31, 2015

A double-edged sword

In the digital era, the Internet opens a world of possibilities for our children. Being connected enriches their lives and improves future prospects by widening horizons of knowledge. However, the... »
March 31, 2015

The ultimate selfie, from the edge of space

We live in the era of the selfie, a photo one has taken of oneself. Unsurprisingly, the most retweeted image till date is a selfie orchestrated by Ellen DeGeneres during the 2014 Academy Awards. Ev... »
March 31, 2015

Nonchalant postman

At the click of the mouse lies the entire universe – from what is available in Mars to what is happening in the neighbourhood. Everything moves at an amazing speed. The entire world has been merged... »
March 31, 2015

Bending it like the mother-in-law

Throughout her life, my mother-in-law reigned over the kitchen, wielding the pans, ladles and tawas with a skill and finesse that the most seasoned chef would have envied. After her time, it was wi... »

Reaching for the Stars: The Incredible Rise of Arvind Kejriwal

Five years ago, Arvind Kejriwal was far from being the man of the masses he is today. He abhorred politics and politicians and was in no quandary about enlisting the right wing in his anti-corruption fight. From that to his emergence as a natural leader of the poor and minorities is a riveting story, as riven with contradictions as it is full of surprises. The Hindu Centre's Senior Fellow Vidya Subrahmaniam, traces his rise from activism to political stardom. Read more. »

Inserting Hindutva in Nagaland
The Hindu Centre’s latest policy report examines the working of internal democracy in the Congress and the BJP.Read more. »