Envisioning a new Afghanistan

Pakistan is known to be advising China to enlarge its profile in Afghanistan as a replacement to the United States. So, what does stability and peace in the region depend on? »
November 27, 2014

The demographic challenge

The rhetoric on the capacity of countries to reap the so-called demographic dividend cannot mask the more complex reality of a not-so-young world in 2014, and non-uniform patterns of growth. About... »
November 27, 2014

Moving towards consolidation

The announcement of the merger of ING Vysya Bank with Kotak Mah... »

The blurry lines of good and evil

Modern gurus gain mass following through technologies such as the Internet, satellite television and social media. These technologies create not only a support base, but also greater possibilities... »
While the Chhattisgarh Health Department is solely responsible for the tragedy, the incident raises several questions regarding India’s family planning programme.

Public health, private tragedy

The death of at least 15 women during a tubectomy operation in Chhattisgarh has sent shock waves across the country. The State government claimed in a report that the deaths occurred as the medicin... »

The new Iron Curtain of Europe

On November 9, a bitterly cold and overcast day, Berliners were out on the streets in thousands to commemorate a landmark event in the history of the 20th century. It had been 25 years since the Be... »

Jumping the gun in Rajasthan

The Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani’s act of consulting an astrologer in Rajasthan may be a personal choice, but her mention of possible amendments to the Right to Education (RTE)... »
A.S. Panneerselvan. Photo: V.V. Krishnan

Silence is not an option

Since the days of Robert Burns in the 18th century, best laid schemes of mice and men have often gone awry. There is a minor interruption to the series on media regulation that we have been carryi... »

C. R. L. Narasimhan

Financial scene

Rate cut call loud and clear

Will RBI cut its policy rate in its forthcoming policy statement? Opinions are surprisingly divided despite the sharp fall in inflation. During the middle of this month, inflation data covering the... »
November 27, 2014

Ferguson verdict

The Ferguson verdict and the violence in its afte... »
November 27, 2014

On godmen

The writer (“India’s godman syndrome,” Nov. 26) seems to have highlighted the w... »
November 27, 2014

Protecting biodiversity

About 3 per cent of India’s land area is deemed as protected area in the form of Project Tiger reserves or as sanctuaries for other flagship species such as the grizzled squirrel, the Nilg... »
November 27, 2014

Message from turnout

The figure of 71.28 per cent polling in Jammu & Kashmir is impressive, but if India is spending crores of rupees on protecting the State and its citizens, we can certainly demand its i... »
November 27, 2014

‘Kiss of Love’

We seem to overdo our protests (“O... »
November 26, 2014

SAARC reforms

India’s long-term security and economic stability largely depends on the prosperity of its neighbours (“»
Kathmandu, November 24, 2014
Saarc Visit

Nepal pushes for Modi-Sharif meeting

Nepal, host of the 18th South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation summit here, is playing peacemaker, to try and ensure Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif... »
Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai. Photo: R.V. Moorthy
November 22, 2014

Former Afghan president Karzai: Pakistan demanded we reduce India's presence

On his first visit to India since he demitted office, former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai has attacked Pakistan for continuing to offer safe haven to Taliban and terror groups, and for deman... »
November 23, 2014

"Hope Delhi will take Vajpayee line on Kashmir"

With the National Conference and the Congress discredited and marginalised in the State, the People’s Democratic Party is heading into a crucial election and remains the only challenge to the B... »
Bhutan Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay.
Thimpu, November 21, 2014

If we didn’t have differences, we wouldn’t need SAARC: Tshering Tobgay

Bhutan and India’s ties are on an upswing with three high-level meetings in the past six months, including Bhutan Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay’s visit to Delhi in May and Prime Ministe... »
November 23, 2014

O Cricket, where art thou?

“I would refuse to acknowledge any of the ODI double hundreds other than that of Sachin’s and Sehwag’s.” He said that in a firm voice, and as I overheard it that made me curious. I genera... »
November 23, 2014

Uniform civil code: will it work in India?

Article 44 of the Constitution — which talks of a uniform civil code for all Indians — was the subject of a recent debate in Chennai. The main argument of those who spoke in favour of suc... »
The Delhi government following the western example commissioned metallic sprouts outside the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
November 23, 2014

Why art should go public, and democratic

Art exists in varied forms. If trees, mountains and landforms are nature’s art installations, paintings, sculpture, architecture and landscaping form the essence of humankind’s artistic impulses.... »
It was Devaraj Urs, the Congress Chief Minister, who brought Ballabrooie to national attention as he defied his mentor Indira Gandhi’s fiat and broke with her during a second stint in office.
November 23, 2014

Of a political landmark in Bengaluru

A vintage and majestic landmark of Bengaluru with a charming and exotic name, Ballabrooie was in the news for the wrong reasons recently — over the State government’s plan to convert it into a recr... »

Individuals can reduce India’s carbon footprint: Jairam Ramesh

In a public lecture on climate change, Jairam Ramesh explores the various energy alternatives that the country has in reducing its carbon footprint and says that India has a pivotal role in global climate change negotiations. The lecture was organised by The Hindu Centre and the National Institute for Advanced Studies on November 10, 2014, in Bengaluru. Read more. »