Echoes of the Pink Tide

For U.S. foreign policy, its two Latin American pillars have been an isolation of Cuban socialism and support of the Colombian war against FARC. With their unravelling now, vested interests might try... »
December 20, 2014

Many faces of terrorism

A day after the Taliban massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his government would not rest until the last terrorist was eliminated from Pakistan. He further pro... »
December 20, 2014

When leaders lead

Both U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raúl Castro must be commended for doing things their predecessors failed to do in establishing diplomatic relations between their countries. With... »
MAKING INROADS: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has found a new mission in capturing political power in Jammu and Kashmir and is undoing whatever little is left of the State’s special status.” Picture shows him at an election rally in Srinagar.

The final frontier of Hindutva?

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s aggressive foray into Jammu and Kashmir politics in the current election suggests that it sees the State — the only Indian State with a Muslim majority — as the final... »

Rape, rhetoric and reality

The recently reported rape of a young woman in a taxi in Delhi has brought back attent... »
CONTROLLING THE BIRTH RATE: “Sterilisation is by far the most effective family planning method in the country; yet the government of India admits that there is no improvement in the number of sterilisations.” Picture shows a tribal family in Visakhapatnam.

Learning from the Ernakulam experiment

The recent tragedy of several women losing their lives in the state-sponsored tubectomy camp in Takhatpur, Chhattisgarh, has caused severe damage to the national family planning programme. This, h... »
“The Positivist postulate of mythology as implicitly fictitious is the reason for the anxiety in projecting mythological stories as historical events.” Picture shows a scene from the Ramayana.

The changing face of history

Over the past five odd decades the face of History as a discipline has undergone amazing transformations. During the 18th, 19th and much of the 20th century, History, much like other science and s... »
Makarand Waigankar.

Makarand Waingankar

A puzzling slump

Mumbai in the past has always had quality due to tough competition in local cricket. It was said that when Mumbai did well, Indian cricket did well. »
A.S. Panneerselvan. Photo: V.V. Krishnan

A.S. Panneerselvan

The art and science of headlines

This column, at one level, has been an exploration about the media, on media law, regulation, freedom of expression, the right to information, the right to be heard, and the democratic dividends t... »
December 20, 2014

Bail for Lakhvi

Pakistan’s flip-flop over granting of bail to 26/11 terror attack mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi points to its Janus-faced approach in dealing with terrorism. Whether the terrorists are from the... »
December 20, 2014

Indian politics

Faisal Devji’s article (“Nationalism as antonym of communalism,” Dec. 19) has rightly emphasised the concept and impact of nationalism on different ideologies and practices of our polity. But many... »
December 20, 2014

Honouring Godse

It is deplorable that some attempts are being made to honour Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, who was an embodiment of non-violence, honesty and secularism (“Congress deplores plan to honour... »
December 20, 2014

Growing prowess

The Indian Space Research Organisation appears to be determined to march ahead in its mission, first with MOM and now the launch of the heaviest rocket, GSLV Mark-III. One also hopes that this wil... »
December 20, 2014

Face of history

Any historical event must be considered from a wider perspective, one that looks at politics, economics and its social, religious and cultural aspects (“The changing face of history,” Dec.19). Rec... »
December 20, 2014

A new thaw with Cuba

The very survival of Cuba in the midst of a crippling economic blockade and attempts to change the political character of the country for decades speaks of the political will and ideological commi... »
AN ANCHOR: “His style was not that of a boss. He avoided interfering in what was the private preserve. Nevertheless he was always available if we sought his counsel.” Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer (right) with Mr. V.R. Lakshminarayanan at the seafront in Kochi. Photo: Special Arrangement
December 15, 2014

‘We needed a father figure to take crucial decisions’

More than a week has gone since Justice Krishna Iyer (V.R.K.) passed away, but the incredible outpouring of grief continues. This is natural when a legend, who offered solace to thousand... »  
Kathmandu, November 24, 2014
Saarc Visit

Nepal pushes for Modi-Sharif meeting

Nepal, host of the 18th South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation summit here, is playing peacemaker, to try and ensure Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif... »
“I was heartened when prominent officials engaged in the policy implications of the book,” says Katherine Boo. Picture shows her working in an Annawadi, Mumbai. Photo: Jordan Tierney
December 3, 2014

‘Being the subject of a book didn’t make life lovely in Annawadi’

The stage adaptation by playwright David Hare of "Behind the Beautiful Forevers", the book on a Mumbai slum by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Boo, was performed at... »
November 23, 2014

"Hope Delhi will take Vajpayee line on Kashmir"

With the National Conference and the Congress discredited and marginalised in the State, the People’s Democratic Party is heading into a crucial election and remains the only challenge to the B... »
December 14, 2014

Tales of the Bunchi mouse

Growing up, I was a fan of bed-time stories. It had become a night-time ritual of sorts at home, and I would refuse to go to bed unless offered a story. My father lacked an imaginative be... »
December 14, 2014

Those delectable devices and their names

A whole new vocabulary emerged with the arrival of the computer. The dictionary has been turned on its head, and so has been the English language. It is interesting the way one uses some words now... »
December 14, 2014

The import of being a woman

My princess! That is what we hear in our childhood. We live in a fantasy world. Everything in that world is good and beautiful. We have no worries. We are at the centre of everyone’s attention. Lif... »
December 14, 2014

The sheer power of the dot

The forehead embellishment mark called bindi, the word coming from the Sanskrit bindu, for a dot or small particle, is a typically Indian fashion statement — also with a religious con... »

Polls in the Time of Terror

Will last week's terror strike in Jammu and Kashmir affect the next remaining three phases of elections? Vasundhara Sirnate, Chief Co-ordinator, Research, The Hindu Centre, and Sheikh Saleem, a Kashmiri journalist, provide insights. Read more. »

'I am trying to learn the art and craft of politics' − Ram Madhav
Interview with Ram Madhav, general secretary, Bharatiya Janata PartyRead more. »