Choosing satyagraha over spectacle

This Republic Day had two sets of tableaux, one enacted on Rajpath, and the other more elaborate as the tableau of security. Yet, as spectacles, Mr. Obama will be forgotten while the satyagrahi’s acts... »
January 31, 2015

Interference sans responsibility

Jayanthi Natarajan’s explosive letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, with its stunning revelations about Rahul Gandhi’s interference in the functioning of the Union Environment Ministry when... »
January 31, 2015

Climate change deniers

The passage of the Keystone XL pipeline bill, the first priority of the new U.S. Senate controlled by Republicans, hit a roadblock on January 27 when the Senate managed to muster just 53 votes in... »
AT THE RECEIVING END: “The Modi government has started subverting the Food Security Act with respect to implementation too.” Picture shows the launch of distribution of highly subsidised food grains under the Act, in 2013, in New Delhi. Photo: S. Subramanium

Food insecurity acts

The Shanta Kumar Committee report, released last week, on a range of issues relating to procurement, storage and distribution of food grains is not only deeply flawed in its reading of the situatio... »

Bird brain? Study says chicks count like we do

Humans are not the only ones to count from left to right. Researchers in Italy found that mental number lines, where numbers rise from the smallest on the left to the largest on the right, come nat... »
OVERSIGHT: “Although the design defects in reactor GE Mark I was first noted about 40 years ago, the nuclear industry resisted regulatory changes that could have ameliorated the Fukushima disaster.” Picture shows tanks containing radioactive water in Okuma, Fukushima, where the disaster occurred.

Nuclear deal no cause for celebration

At their recent meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama discussed methods of circumventing the Indian nuclear liability law to protect American reactor suppliers from the c... »

An unfair allegation

BONHOMIE: “There is no doubt that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the architect of the new policy of friendship towards the U.S.” Picture shows him with U.S. President Bill Clinton in 2000 in New Delhi. I was a little surprised to read Sanjaya Baru’s article published on January 28, 2015 (“Aft... »
Elif Shafak.


World View

Turkey’s politics of fatigue

Before a recent interview in Istanbul, I was talking to a journalist about Turkish politics. After about 15 minutes, she looked down and lowered her voice, as though confiding a secret: “It is so t... »
Paul Mason

World View

When the young revolt against corrupt elites

The rise of Syriza in Greece can’t just be explained by the crisis in the eurozone: a youthful generation of professionals has had enough of tax-evading oligarchs »
January 31, 2015

A loyalist’s anguish

The letter written by former Union Environment Minister, senior Congress party member and loyalist Jayanthi Natarajan (“‘»
January 31, 2015

No toilet

The Supreme Court’s observation, in a written order (“Toilet in structure not... »
January 30, 2015

New Foreign Secretary

The “curtailment” of Sujatha Singh’s service/tenure reminds us of the infamous removal of A.P. Venkateswaran by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 (“»
January 31, 2015

Preamble debate

The captivating words, “sovereign,” “socialist,” “secular” and “democratic” in the »
January 30, 2015

Debating the Preamble

Any responsible government would exercise caution and restraint when it comes to sensitive issues and where a change can trigger chaos and friction in society (“»
January 30, 2015

Tax relief for firm

The Cabinet has done the right thing by not challenging the Bombay High Court ruling in the Vodafone case (“»
Sandipan Deb feels there is a lot of trapped energy among the aspirational Indians that can be tapped with a Right-of-Centre approach. File photo: Sushil Kumar Verma
January 29, 2015
Reinventing India's Right

Re-launching Swarajya, a voice for India's new Right

The need for a ‘Conservative Party’ voiced by C. Rajagopalachari — popularly known as Rajaji and one of the top five Independent era Congress leaders who later turned a bitter critic of Pandit... »
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during an interview in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo: S. Subramanium
January 14, 2015

Terrorism is a common challenge for humanity: Ban Ki-moon

Hello and welcome to this special interview as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is visiting India, speaks to CNN-IBN and The Hindu. I am Suhasini Haidar. Q. Secreta... »  
In this January 23, 2015 photo, Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, addresses a rally to protest against caricatures published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, in Lahore.
January 25, 2015

JuD remains proscribed since 2008: Pakistan Foreign Office

Yesterday the Pakistan High Commissioner said there is no ban on the groups, only an assets freeze, which contradicts news reports from Pakistan of an official ban being announced?Let... »  
January 12, 2015

People are looking to settle scores with me: Perumal Murugan

Why is there a sudden protest against the novel? I have no idea. The English translation of the novel is probably the reason. It was published in 2014 and someone who read... »
January 25, 2015

Humane, effective medical care beyond intensive care

I was at an important meeting in Bangalore. While most members in that group had their individual projects to be considered for funding, the one taken up by the chairman first was a project submitt... »
January 25, 2015

Harking back fondly to the ‘good old days’

I was born late. I earnestly believe I should have been born at least 30 years before I actually came into this world. I wouldn’t even mind being my own mother. Or the mother of a couple of childre... »
January 25, 2015

Brevity and all that

The Shakespearean quotation that says brevity is the soul of wit, stirs doubts in our minds. To begin with, if it is accepted, then what are all those adjectives and adverbs for? If stories, for in... »
January 25, 2015

Conversations with familiar strangers on a beautiful day

It was an unusually sunny day in London. There I was, on a wooden bench in Trafalgar Square soaking in the sunshine and all the laughter around me. There were two twin boys running around as their... »

Polls in the Time of Terror

Will last week's terror strike in Jammu and Kashmir affect the next remaining three phases of elections? Vasundhara Sirnate, Chief Co-ordinator, Research, The Hindu Centre, and Sheikh Saleem, a Kashmiri journalist, provide insights. Read more. »

'I am trying to learn the art and craft of politics' − Ram Madhav
Interview with Ram Madhav, general secretary, Bharatiya Janata PartyRead more. »