The PDP on Sunday said the proposed talks on the Kashmir issue should not be seen as a measure to silence the “voices of dissent“.

“The dialogue process should not be seen as an objective to silence voices of dissent but it should be the endeavor to reach a resolution through it,” PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said.

Generations of Kashmiri’s have struggled, suffered and sacrificed for a “just and lasting” resolution of Kashmir problem and it was necessary that meaningful efforts must be made to respond to their aspirations, she told a seminar on self-rule in Bandipora town, 55 kms from here.

“This is a result of the uncertain political situation and the lack of trust exhibited by Centre on crucial junctions of our history and the follies of our leaders for whom people had sacrificed every thing,” Mehbooba said.

Kashmir issue is the oldest source of discard and tension in South Asia and its resolution can help in reducing the levels of violence and tension elsewhere as well.