Claiming it would get an absolute majority on its own, the Samajwadi Party on Thursday said it would not ally with any party in forming the next government in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing journalists here, party general secretary Naresh Agarwal said he was not a fortune-teller to predict how many seats his party would win, but he could say that the SP would get absolute majority and would form the next government in the State. “We are not forging alliance with any party as we will form government on our own.”

The statement comes in the wake of the announcement by the Congress party that it would not ally with any party in the State. This runs counter to earlier speculation that the SP and the Congress may ally to form a government.

Accusing the Congress of trying to wrest control of the State one way or the other, Mr. Agarwal said the party was conspiring to rule by proxy by imposing President's rule. “The Congress can never form a government on its own in the State.”


Campaign ends for U.P. phase-2 pollsFebruary 10, 2012