A bomb was found inside the campus of Regional Institute of Medical Science and Hospital (RIMSH) here in Imphal West district of Manipur, police said.

The explosive, weighing about 5 kg, was detected on Tuesday by a security patrol.

Bomb disposal squad personnel later defused the explosive, which was attached with a long wire and could have been triggered by a remote control device, they said.

Expressing shock over the incident RIMSH Director L Fimate urged all sections of the society not to create disturbances within the hospital and institute.

Alleging foul play, RIMSH Superintendent Y Mohen said the explosive appeared to have targeted him as it was found from his official quarter premises.

Mohen recalled some pharmacies located inside the hospital had been asked to vacate the premises and suspected that they (pharmacies) might have hired someone to plant the bomb.

No individual or group has claimed responsibility so far.