BJP may not count on the Trinamool Congress for a post Lok Sabha alliance as it came under direct attack from Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday. Launching her campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, she slapped communal tag on the BJP.

"Congress and Left are completely anti-people and BJP is communal. During election time they have the tendency to talk much and influence people through falsehood,” Ms Banerjee said at a rally in Agartala.

She also charged the CPI(M) with closely working with the BJP and Congress as they create political tangle during election time. "So we have to work with smaller parties," she said giving a hint to her pet federal front idea.

The Trinamool supremo promised to take a strong political fight to end the rule of CPI(M)-led Left Front in Tripura. In her usual rhetoric she attacked CPI(M) and the Congress alike, claimed both deprived people of their needs and aspirations for a long time.

"I always carry out a straight fight and straight forwardly speak on issues that concern people. I would now endeavour to oust CPI(M) from Tripura as I did in Bangla (West Bengal)", she spoke before a big rally.

Ms Banerjee said the Left Front in its years of governance had failed to serve people of all sections of society. Congress could not be its replacement as it maintained overt and covert tie with the CPI(M).

"I have started my campaign from Tripura ahead of Lok Sabha polls. Don't return me empty handed and ensure winning of my candidates in your two constituencies,” she appealed.

She said she did not come to Tripura after becoming Chief Minister as she was looking for a good team to carry forward her mission. She added: "Now there is a leadership to reckon with and you please extend support to them".

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