“I was with the people of Singur and will remain with them,” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday, adding that she is not one to run away from people and deceive them.

“I am doing what I can, according to my capability. Keep it in mind, land in Singur is my guarantee,” she told a rally at Kamarkundu near Singur in the State’s Hooghly district.

Her government will take a decision after the Court’s order, she added.

After the Trinamool Congress government came to power, the State Assembly had passed The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act, 2011; a legislation to return land, acquired from land owners, to farmers, against their wishes, for the Tata Motors Nano project. The Calcutta High Court struck down the Act as unconstitutional and void. The matter is now pending before the Supreme Court.

Ms. Banerjee had been ready to give her life for the movement she had led at Singur in 2006-2008, against the forcible acquisition of land for the small car project.

Ms Banerjee also cautioned against ongoing efforts that she claimed were being made to incite communal riots in the State, saying she has specific inputs that there are organisations who are being provided money to do the same.


Wooing industry, Mamata says land is no problem September 20, 2013