A healthy tie-up between spinach and lotus stems

This classic Kashmiri recipe is a marriage of the sea and soil. The sturdy lotus stems find a soul mate in the faint spinach. The traditional dish in the Kashmiri spread is given a contemporary touch here. Deep-fried lotus stems plunge into the spinach puree and a mélange of spices give a twist. Nadru palak is perfect company to bowl of rice.

Nadru Palak


800 gms spinach

200 gms lotus stem (the root)

50 ml refined oil

10 gms cumin seeds

4 whole red chilli

10 gms garlic

40 gms onion

20 gms green chilli

10 gms ginger

Salt to taste

50 ml fresh cream

5 gms garam masala

5 gms kasoori methi powder


Wash the spinach properly at least three to four times and boil. Make a fine puree of boiled spinach. Take lotus stems, peel it and cut slantingly so that it is cleaned thoroughly from the holes and blanch and deep-fry them. Take oil in a pan, put cumin seeds, chopped garlic and onion and cook till it gets brown in colour. Add the spinach puree and cook till it releases oil, and then put in the fried lotus stems. Add fresh cream and check the seasoning finish with garam masala and kasoori methi powder. Serve hot.

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