It’s burger madness at DoubleTree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar

On my left was an iconic American wall with images that took me to U.S. Route 66. Rightly placed between ‘Old Uncle Sam’ and ‘Elvis Aaron Presley’ was a large painting of Marilyn Monroe.

The dimly lit interiors with soft country music playing in the background made for a perfect commemoration of American Independence Day at Roadhouse Bar & Grill, the quintessential American diner at DoubleTree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar.

Roadhouse Bar & Grill, which has a scrumptious selection of steaks and assorted American food on its menu, introduced the special ‘Burger Obsession’ menu recently. The menu offers burgers created using select ingredients with a combination of flavours from France, Greece, Lima, Mexico, India and other parts of Asia, and Italy. The highlight of the menu is ‘The Great Conqueror’, a king-size burger available in vegetarian, chicken and tenderloin options.

The menu was set out with a contest called ‘Demolish the Conqueror’, where 20 contestants were assigned the task of finishing the mammoth burger within half an hour. Dr. Sandip Roy managed to finish his burger, ‘The Bull Fight’, before anyone else. In what’s his sixth visit to Roadhouse, Roy was ecstatic. “It feels nice to see people coming up and congratulating me. The fun element was really great. The burger was great for the first 10 bites but I suddenly lost all sensation of taste. Altogether, it was an experience worth it.”