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Loaded with goodness

Special recipes for Republic Day. Learn how to make Kesaria Misri mava , Paneer anardana kebab »
A Torafugu sashimi flower, with strips of blanched gelatinous Torafugu skin in the centre, is one of the ways of serving the fish.

The taste of happiness

One chilly afternoon, we were at Sakae Fuku, a fugu (blowfish) specialty restaurant in Shunan city (in Yamaguchi) where the fishing method dedicated to catching this type of fish was developed. In... »

How to... Make the perfect prawn peri peri

Peri Peri also called Piri Piri or Pili Pili is an African birds eye chilli and the name is derived from a Swahili word which means ‘pepper pepper’. Late 14 Century when the Portugese expl... »
Southall fish and chips

Chef’s Corner: A cult dish with a new cut

What happens when a classic British dish is given an Indian tadka with vindaloo paste? Try it out this weekend »
Pork cutlet with manchego
January 23, 2015
Fork in my luggage

Cutlets in the rain

It’s a rainy winter evening. The kind of evening when it’s wise to stay at home and sip on hot soup. But lack of common sense and a sense of adventure see me step into my rain boots. I just had to... »
Dish of chicken pantarash as part of anglo-indian food festival at Oh Calcutta restaurant. Photo: Meeta Ahlawat
January 23, 2015

Food Spot: With an English touch

If you look hard you’ll still find some people getting all moony-eyed about the Raj. “The Brits gave us so much,” they say nostalgically. “Look at the railways, the hill stations, our educational i... »
The best vegetarian food can ever be. Photo: special arrangement
January 22, 2015

Delights from the west

In the bustling UB city complex, when you enter Rasovara restaurant, you are made to feel like royalty returning home for a meal. One of the staffers applies tilak on your forehead and you a... »
January 22, 2015

The taste of an island nation

In the brightly lit kitchen at Foodology, Damayanthi Paul is ready with all the ingredients needed to cook up a typical Sri Lankan lunch. And there’s a lot of coconut involved. In fact, every sing... »
Chappathis have become a hot favourite for the denizens Photo: Indu Sathyendran
Thiruvananthapuram, January 22, 2015

Chappathi on a roll

Sarojini Amma remembers a time when residents in the city were forced to turn to wheat as a substitute for rice. That was a time in the sixties when wheat itself was not all that a familiar cereal... »
John Wright at Eau De Monsoon, Le Meridien, New Delhi. Photo: Vijay Lokapalthaly
January 21, 2015
Table for two

Game for talk and food

Morning was not the best time to interact with John Wright. A quick “hello” was enough because more than often he would be grumpy, annoyed at some previous day setback or worrying at what lay ahead... »
A dish available at Zingo Star
January 18, 2015

Of burgers and hot wings

When I am in Delhi and want to hang out with friends or enjoy a calm meal with a friend I hardly find any good place to go. Either they are crowded or have parking problems, but still a market wher... »
Banana is said to be among the few foods containing five major vitamin groups.
January 16, 2015
Desi superfoods

Why you must go bananas over bananas

One of its names is Musa Sapientum, the fruit of the wise; its centre of origin stretches from India to Malaysia, with India being also a centre of diversity, counting hundreds of diverse varieties... »
January 16, 2015
Dinner in 20 minutes

The perfect veggie vehicle

The quickest dinner to bring to our table on weeknights is noodles or pasta. It is something my daughters love and one of the few dishes that have survived the test of time. You know how kids adore... »
A medley of ideas: Ingredients not known to be used in cooking are used to whip amazing fare at Immigrants Café. Photo: special arrangement
January 16, 2015
Eating Out

Penne pasta with cumin seeds

Migration has forever been part of our existence and continues to be so. Now a café in Delhi has derived inspiration from it and based its concept on it. Called Immigrants Café, it is located in C... »

A year for gastronomes

It's finger-licking good

Not fragile as their pappadams

Time to indulge

A wider platter

Tasty part of the rituals

Master molten choco cake

Grills with frills

The newly launched Sky Lounge Bar and Grill in The Royal Plaza.
January 23, 2015

A view from the top

Having a meal atop a skyscraper can actually be a very different experience, all thanks to its setting. It does feel like that at the newly launched Sky Lounge Bar and Grill in The Royal Plaza. Ove... »
January 22, 2015

A fit way to bake

Baking. The very word conjures up dreamy images of sinful treats. And with the likes of Rachel Allen, Nigella Lawson, Tom & Henry Herbert (The Fabulous Baker Brothers), Heston Blumenthal and m... »
The Mughlai Food Fest has on offer some unusual royal delicacies. Photo: special arrangement
January 22, 2015

Dine like the royals

Think Mughlai and rich gravies, succulent kebabs and flavourful biryanis come to mind. Innovated by the Mughals using whatever ingredients were easily available to them as they moved across India,... »
A variety fare.
MADURAI, January 22, 2015

Batter magic!

After much jostling with fellow foodies, I find a seat. Atop the roof of Hotel Supreme, locals and foreigners have gathered to savour one of Madurai’s most favoured tiffin items – the dosa! Do dos... »
Clean, green way: Include fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. Photo: special arrangement
January 21, 2015

Way for Wellness

January is a cruel month. After stuffing the face all through December, many find themselves struggling to get back into dietary routine in January. Weight-gain, lethargy, mood swings are all commo... »
Methi ladoo. Photo: Special arrangement
January 20, 2015

Give yourself an energy boost

The winter chill has not quite lifted from Chennai. It’s during this time that people like experimenting with energising foods that help the body keep warm. Whole grains like millet, oats, and brow... »
Chef Sujit Mukherjee
January 16, 2015
Chef toque

Discipline from the kitchen

What did you have for dinner last night? I had an Indian-inspired sous vide chicken with mint gel and saffron sauce.What are you reading now? My daughter’s story... »
Concoction of tasties: Some dishes from the spread laid out by Chef Marc Bayon at Le Bistro Du Parc. Photo: special arrangement
January 16, 2015
Food spot

Popping up pop-up restaurants

Some days ago, I had a series of interesting conversations with some of my chef friends about what to look out for in the New Year. They all had strong views on the subject. One of them talked abou... »
January 16, 2015
Fork in my luggage

A green meal

In the summer of 2008, I was travelling as an unaccompanied minor for the first time. All the way to London at that, to visit my brother who lived there at the time. For the 12 hours I was on the f... »
January 16, 2015

Wonders of sesame

Cold Spinach Gomae is a Japanese recipe. It consists of cold spinach with a dressing of sesame. It’s so easy to whip up, this one! Cold Spinach Gomae

Ingredients... »

A crunchy success story

What’s brewing?

All things Italian

Food for thought

All chat, no bite

Private labels

A garlicky afternoon

Aslam’s chicken, our delight

Make this simple Malaysian dish with beef, lamb or chicken »

A complete meal that bursts with colours, textures and flavours »

Let us usher in the New Year in the spirit of leela or playfulness, so here is an enigma for you to solve: it tastes like a fruit but is a rhizome, and is called ginger but is actually relat... »

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