Shreyas Narayanan’s concert in Kochi was a captivating display of vocal and instrumental music.

Shreyas Narayanan’s Carnatic music concert in Kochi stood out for his selection of compositions and good instrumental support. The Ada tala varnam ‘Neranammithi’ put the concert on the right track, with the accompanists warming up to give their best throughout the concert. Short raga sketches and swaras accompanied ‘Pranamamyaham’ in Gowli and ‘Saraswati Vidhiyuvati’ in raga Hindolam.

Shreyas’ sonorous timbre highlighted the sheer beauty of gamakas in ‘Devi brova samayamide’, Shyama Sastri’s composition in raga Chintamani. The best improvisation of the day was in raga Bahudari, which was draped in quintessential sancharas of the raga and soaked in bhava. Tyagaraja’s composition ‘Brovabharama Raghurama’ had marvelous kalpana swaras; R. Swaminathan’s display on the violin won several approving nods from the vocalist. Palakkad Mahesh Kumar offered exemplary support on the mridangam.

Another highlight of the concert was the tani by Mahesh Kumar that was enchanting because of the numerous variations he played on the mridangam even in the fast tempo. Elements of ‘gati bheda’ elements and variations on the ‘idam thala’ were indeed charming. Even the mohra was variant and he culminated it in beats of three.

Papanasam Sivan’s ‘Enadu manam kavalai’ in Harikamboji and ‘Pibare ramarasam’ in Ahirbhairav were the closing pieces. Especially alluring was a viruttam in Hamsanandi followed by ‘Muruga muruga ena nee shol’. The concert was organised by Rasikapriya.