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Devotees offering namaz at Jama Masjid in Old Delhi COMMUNITY CHRONICLES

The morning men

If you find it difficult to catch up with the early morning meal during Ramzan in Old Delhi, worry not as there are people whose job is to wake up the devout for sehri »
Inside the dargah. PHOTO: VAISHALI R. VENKAT

Silent presence for 400 years

History and myth surround the Asthana-E-Moula Ali Dargah in Old Pallavaram. »
Down Memory Lane

The roof of the matter

As the restoration work in Mehrauli Archalogical Park gets approval, let’s look at the grave issue »
School children lookng at the exhibit on banyan. Photo:M.SRINATH

The green link

Man and tree have always been intertwined. Visit the C.P. Art Centre for more information. »
July 18, 2014
Melange - Hidden Histories

It has roots in the soil

Theosophical Society was founded on principles that were formed from a very clear understanding. Madame Blavatsky in the very early days of the society expounded that Theosophy is the ‘accumulated... »
A view of Nedumparambil Illam at Tripunithura
KOCHI, July 18, 2014
Melange - Hidden Histories

The story of an unjust trial

It was raining hard. Hospital Road in Tripunithura was busy and noisy as usual. A narrow lane forks leading to a sprawling property. In the middle of this verdant land stands Nedumparambil... »
A view of Sanatana Dharma tree at the sixth edition of Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair. Photo: M. SRINATH
July 17, 2014

Silent philanthropy

A Malayalam proverb says that when jasmine blooms in our backyard we never appreciate its fragrance, the implication being that we tend to devalue anything that is ours. And so it has been when it... »
14dmc down memory lane
July 13, 2014

Down Memory Lane: The Mughal quadrangle

Delhi gave birth to the Mughal culture of Awadh, Hyderabad and Bengal. Though the latter emperors had little control over these important subas of the empire, their patronage was still sought by t... »
The Amber Museum housed in the Prison Tower.
July 12, 2014

Forever amber

As I stroll in the old town of the stunning Gdansk, its 1000-year-old history unfolds through the city’s celebrated sites of enchanting beauty, the lovely amber jewellery displayed in the shop wind... »  
In 1836, Dr Myron Winslow came to Madras to establish what would later become known as the Zion Church.
chennai, July 11, 2014
hidden histories

From Zion Church to the CIA

Zion Church in Chintadripet is probably the only shrine in our city that owes its existence to the Americans. It was established by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM),... »
July 10, 2014

No one is a foreigner

Svanta Paabo is a Swedish evolutionary biologist specialising in evolutionary genetics who says, “…from a genomic perspective we are all Africans”. His second statement is even more revealing, “…th... »
Toy train ride by tourists at National Rail Museum. Photo: Sandeep Saxena
July 6, 2014
Museum Musings

On a halt

This time let me begin with an apology. There is nothing to offer this week except a request to avoid going go to the National Rail Museum if you can. The 20-year-old museum is undergoing major re... »
Kochi, July 4, 2014
Hidden Histories

A canal flowing with stories

Vehicles ply routinely over the nondescript Pulimuttu Palam (also referred to as Pallichal Bridge) in Palluruthy and people walk across it unmindful of its history. Very few from this generation k... »
chennai, July 4, 2014
melange: hidden histories

King Thebaw’s transit

“The Lord of the Universe is being marched down to his ship and this letter will have the honour of travelling with him as far as Rangoon,” – thus ran the communication dated November 29, 1885, fr... »


Weave, a spiritual wealth

Art of the matter

Fifty years of Kovaipudur

The secret of number 12

When the earth shouldn’t have quaked

Ethnic and religious

Slayer of smallpox

A woman drawing kolam in front of the deity PHOTO: THE HINDU ARCHIVES
COIMBATORE, July 18, 2014

When Aadi came around...

Raju Bhavan, 411 Vysial Street, was the large family residence of jeweller P.A.Raju Chettiar (1895 - 1984 ). For about 50 years, this household buzzed with activity, with countless weddings and fe... »
chennai, July 18, 2014
hidden histories

A Tambrahm wedding in Washington

A golden wedding anniversary had passed silently by and nobody noticed. I allude to that of Rukmini and Rajagopalan, which took place, as I see from the invitation card, on April 29, 1963. I am ass... »
The ruins of Hampi. Photo: M.A. Sriram
HYDERABAD, July 14, 2014

Run for heritage

A visit to a heritage site should be more engaging than merely sightseeing, believes Ajay Reddy. An avid runner who has been helping Hyderabad Runners organise marathons in the city and as the fou... »
The museum has some gems to offer in terms of rare paintings, photographs and some old documents, but some paintings appear to be in dire need of restoration. Photo: Shailaja Tripathi
July 13, 2014

Remembering his verse

There are several museums in the city crying out for renovation. The Ghalib Museum is unfortunately one of them. Poor display, absence of captions, bad lighting and lack of space are some of the m... »
The village of Misfat Al Abriyeen that has been resolutely preserving its distinct identity.
July 12, 2014
Desert battle

A glimpse of the past

A tranquil drive on the arid roads for about 225 km to the southeast of Muscat brings you to Misfah. Drowsy Misfat Al Abryeen, often known as Misfat or Misfah, is a traditional village in Oman that... »  
St. Teresa's College in 1929
July 10, 2014

A college with a varied heritage

St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, perhaps defies Arnold Toynbee’s famous statement that the “history of every institution furnishes examples coinciding with deterioration of quality.” The college ha... »
July 10, 2014

Dispelling darkness

(A monthly column that highlights many fascinating facts about the heritage structures around the world, this one talks about gifts of lamps to the temples.) Several inscriptions i... »
July 4, 2014
Melange - Hidden Histories

Beyond religion

On that one stretch -- which begins at National High School, Basavanagudi, and goes upto the City Market Fort – it’s a line-up of extraordinary institutions that have responded to various historica... »
The 'sacred lily pond' in front of the Parthasarathy Temple. Photo: Susanna Myrtle Lazarus
chennai, July 4, 2014

Triplicane’s withering garland

Perhaps nothing defines a place more than its smell. The moment you’re in its vicinity, the fragrance of incense sticks and holy smoke and cow dung, hits your nose. If the scent of Triplicane was... »
Sharat's sketch showing Marthanda Varma making his promise to Kurup Kunchupiratti’s mother.
July 4, 2014
melange: hidden histories

Home they brought the warrior dead

It was in 1741 AD that the Dutch navy bowed down to the might of Travancore and its ruler Marthanda Varma. The defeat at Colachel eclipsed the power of the Dutch East India Company and promptly str... »

Brick, mortar and history

And Rubens lives on…

Storytellers of a different kind

The standalone charm

The Whitechapel Foundry connect

Unesco world heritage list tops 1,000

Holding the Fort

Cradling traditions

The Hindu presents the all-new Young World
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