Uniqueness of Brahman

A sutra is a short statement in which is packed much profound thought. The second sutra in the Brahma Sutra takes up the issue of the jagat karanatvam and draws from the Taittiriya Upanishad mantra, “yato va imani bhutani jayante.” Here, the Upanishad adopts a step by step enquiry to unravel the uniqueness and speciality of Brahman who is shown to be both the material as well the instrumental cause for this universe, pointed out Sri Padmanabhachariar in a discourse.

In our practical experience we see so many objects around us and we tend to wonder about their worth, utility, and also about their maker, and of his capability in bringing them into existence with various kinds of material available in this world. For instance, a mud pot is made from the base material mud; and this mud gets transformed into a pot owing to a process, when the potter who is experienced at the potter’s wheel shapes the mud into a pot. From the raw material gold, the goldsmith fashions many items of jewellery. The material is achetana. It cannot transform itself and requires a skilled person to effect the transformation. Sastras conclude that only the Supreme Brahman with infinite prowess could be responsible for this wonderful creation with all its variety in name, form, etc. He alone has the unbelievable efficiency to conduct each and every aspect of the universe from time immemorial wherein the jivas and beings constantly are born, grow and pass on from birth to birth.

Visishtadvaita tradition holds that out of the Lord’s Sankalpa this universe is created. He is all-pervasive, outside, inside and everywhere. This is exemplified in the Narasimha avatar when He manifests from the pillar chosen by Hiranyakasipu. He affirms that He is always ready to help devotees.

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