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In the Gita, the Lord clearly states that those who understand the deep significance of His incarnations will get relieved from samsara. What better way to understand the variety and magnitude of the Lord’s avatars captured with great insight in Azhwars’ pasurams?

In a discourse, Sri K. Madhavan Kidambi drew attention to Tirumazhisai Azhwar’s description of the Lord’s Kurma avatar wherein the overall effect of His Paratva and Saulabhya is explicit. One is able to easily understand and recognise this not only as a matter of reason and logic but also as an experience to be cherished in one’s inner understanding. Once, the celestial beings seek His help to regain their wealth, resources and glory that they had lost owing to Durvasa’s curse. He suggests that the Parkadal be churned to obtain amrita, the divine nectar. In the form of the tortoise, He supports the Mandara Mountain on His back when it is used as a churning rod with the snake Vasuki as the rope. He also holds the mountain from top to prevent it from toppling. While the devas and the asuras are engaged in this act, thinking it is their effort, Azhwar says that it is the Lord who makes all this possible.

During Rama avatar, He creates the impression that the killing of Ravana was made possible because of the might of the vanaras and hides His Paratva under wraps. Such is His penchant for those who seek His grace. With their wealth restored and strengthened by the grace of Lakshmi, Indra and others were appeased and happy. Azhwar also shows how the celestial beings failed to seek Him who is the greatest nectar ever and who alone is to be worshipped with single minded devotion. Azhwar will worship only Him and none else. For, all beings derive their graces from Him alone.

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