Expression of Absolute Truth

Though Rama abides by His role as a human being, His Paratva is also unmistakable in quite a few occasions. It may not be as explicit as in Krishna avatar, but it surfaces in authentic ways. Among these, Rama’s promise of succour that He proclaims with great force at the time of explaining His stance to accept Vibhishana is a strong and powerful statement of His Paratva, pointed out Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a discourse.

Rama’s swabhava as the heir to Ikshvaku race makes Him say thus. “If one comes to me for protection, be he good or bad, my swabhava does not allow me to reject him. This is my dharma by birth and my inherent nature. Even if I am going to face losses because of this, I will not bother. Even if my life would be put to risk, I will not bother. I will uphold this dharma at all costs. I will not give up this dharma. I do not fear any danger from Vibhishana. Why Vibhishana? Even if Ravana comes I will protect Him without examining his intentions. So why should I not give protection to his brother? So go and bring him to my presence.”

Vibhishana is a realised soul who recognises Rama as the Supreme Lord and he seeks Him with total confidence. Surrender has to be done to one who has the capacity, power and willingness to protect. Only a Rama or a Krishna can proclaim to protect and also fulfil their vow to do so. This is the basis of all faiths. Above all, the Lord’s compassion is the greatest boon for the erring jivatma. When He says, “Do not fear. Do not worry. I shall release you from all sins,” it is the expression of the Absolute Truth. Humanity finds solace in these words that reveal Lord’s power to protect as well as His boundless concern for man.

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