Birth of Vamana

Lord Narayana is born to Aditi and sage Kashyapa, after Aditi’s diligent observance of payo vrata. Srimad Bhagavatam describes His appearance at the time of birth, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse. He was born with four hands, holding the conch, discus, mace and a lotus flower. He was dark-hued. He had a lotus-like face. He had earrings in his ears. The Srivatsa could be seen on His chest. His arms were adorned with bangles. His shoulders had ornaments too. He had on His head, a crown studded with gems. He had anklets on His feet. He was wearing the vanamala. The flowers in this garland attracted bees, which were buzzing around the flowers. He also had the Kaustubha. He was born in the month of Sraavana. His star was Sravana. The muhurtha in which He was born was known as Abhijit. The tithi was Dvadasi. This Dvadasai is known as Vijaya Dvadasi.

He was born during the waxing phase of the moon. When He was born, musical instruments could be heard. Apsara damsels danced. Gandharvas sang. Kinnaras, Suparna (Garuda), Yakshas, sages and devas all gathered in joy, and danced and sang. Flowers fell on Aditi’s ashram. Even as Aditi and Kashyapa were watching their son, He assumed the form of a Brahmachari. Sages performed upanayana for Him. Surya taught Him the Gayatri, Brihaspati gave the sacred thread. Kashyapa gave the girdle known as maunji, made of munja grass. The moon gave him the danda (the staff). Aditi gave Him a loin cloth. Brahma gave Him a kamandala (water jar). The Saptarishis gave Him darbha grass. Kubera gave Him the bhiksha vessel. Bhiksha was given to Him by Uma Devi. After His Upanayana, Vamana did a homa, after cleaning the place, and placing darbha grass in the four corners of the chosen place. He then did samita daana.

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