Bali the real winner

Janamejaya credits Vyasa for his sharp perception of dharma that is the basis of the innumerable purana stories he has authored most diligently. These are not just stories but are strong pointers to the common man struggling to face the ubiquitous fight between vice and virtue that characterises samsara, pointed out Sri K. Srinivasan in a discourse. The world of samsara is vicious and is able to hold the jivas in its various manifestations as joy and sorrow. He is sure that none but Vyasa can give answers to the many perplexing issues that keep disturbing him.

For instance, he wants to know who is truly victorious during the Lord’s incarnation as Vamana. Vishnu, the Lord of the Universe, had assumed the diminutive form of Vamana with the explicit aim to cheat Bali. Bali was a virtuous and truthful ruler of the daityas, who abided by the sastras and had performed a hundred sacrifices. What is the reason for the Lord’s act of cheating such a virtuous Bali? Vyasa replies that the victory is certainly Bali’s for he fulfilled his promise and gave over the kingdom to Vishnu. He added that the Lord who is extolled in the Vedas as one who treads with giant strides, the great Trivikrama who could measure the three worlds, had to assume the very small form as Vamana. His aim was to prevent Bali from completing the sacrifice. For, then it would unseat Indra from his post. So He transgressed truth and then sent Bali to Patala Loka. It is difficult for all of us in all situations in all respects to protect truth and dharma. But still there is nothing greater than truth in all existence. To enact this deceit, the Lord had to reduce His stature to become a dwarf and faced the consequences by taking the role of a gatekeeper in Bali’s palace in Patala Loka.

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