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Monsoon pet care means more than just belly rubs

Pay attention to fleas when you pet a dog

Pay attention to fleas when you pet a dog   | Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here are few things you can do to help strays stay safe from ticks this rainy season

Mandeera Kumar noticed fleas and ticks on stray dogs one day, when she was feeding and cuddling them. Pet care during monsoon is important; while we get our pets dewormed and do everything possible to them safe and clean, what can be done to keep strays safe from ticks and fleas? It’s a tough task as they are on the streets most of the time. With lack of proper shelter, stray dogs are exposed to pests and are prone to infections.

Says Hyderabad-based veterinarian Dr Monalisa P, “Deworming during monsoon is important for all pets. And if you can feed deworm medication to strays it will do them a lot of good.”

Ticks and crosses

Another dog lover says a good way to keep the stray’s coat free of ticks is to pick them from their coat. “If you notice, a lot of dog lovers don’t just pet. They also feel the skin and coat for ticks and fleas. Our pets are dusted with powder and medicated sprays to keep them free of such pests. The best thing to do for strays is to pull out the tick and kill it instantly by crushing it against a hard surface with a stick or stone,” says Sarah.

Monsoon pet care means more than just belly rubs

There are also a few home remedies that can be followed, like rubbing a fresh paste of neem leaves or applying neem oil on the skin. Some even recommend spraying tobacco-infused water on areas where ticks latch on to. “Under the neck, under the limbs, and behind ears — basically spots a dog cannot reach easily,” says Hyderabad-based Anandi Roy, another dog lover. At the risk of being laughed at, Anandi carries tick powder on her walks and dusts them on strays every three to four days.

So, if you see injured stray dogs on your walks, it helps if medication is applied on them on the spot. Animal lover Aanchal Kumar wrote on social media recently, “Feeding strays is not enough”. So don’t just feed and pet, help them stay healthy and free of infections.

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