Watch: A new swappable battery system

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Electric vehicles (EV) can help reduce pollution and tackle climate change. However, the lack of public charging infrastructure has hampered the growth of EVs. India has just about 250 public charging stations for EVs, according to reports. Out of the 231 million vehicles sold in India in 2019-20, only 156,000 were EVs. The long waiting time to recharge a battery has stopped many from going electric. Sun Mobility, a Bangalore-based startup has come up with a pay-as-you-go battery service system running on Microsoft Cloud. Users can stop at a swapping station before their battery runs out of power. They can then replace the depleted batteries with fresh ones, without waiting for hours. Users just need to pay to swap batteries rather than owning a battery.The batteries and the swap stations are connected to the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and built-in solutions like Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Factory, CosmosDB, Azure Databricks that shares battery performance data with Sun Mobility.

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