Watch: Alphabet's Internet-providing balloons flew a record 312 days

Alphabet's Loon, the high-altitude balloons, designed to provide internet in remote areas, has set a new flight duration of a record 312 flight days.

Loon was launched in Puerto Rico in May 2019. It flew to Peru, and has provided test service for three months.

After that, it floated over the Pacific Ocean for another seven months. The flight system was finally collected from Baja, Mexico, for additional analysis in March 2020.

It was primarily used for connectivity and exploring the massive opportunity in the stratosphere, which represents a multi-billion dollar market spanning telecommunications, high-resolution earth observation, weather prediction and modeling. 

Loon’s mission is to connect people everywhere by carrying cell towers 20 km above Earth, and delivering 4G LTE and 5G connectivity in partnership with mobile network operators, it said.


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