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It’s basic moves with Portronics’ Yogg Plus

The Yogg Plus band by Portronics is a sleek activity tracker which becomes an extension of the self

The Yogg Plus is an upgraded model of the Yogg smart wrist band. Available only in black, its curved black body fits perfectly around your wrist. It has a 1.5-inch screen which lacks the touchscreen feature found in most budget fitness bands.

I am a sporty person and I play multiple times in the day. The Sports Mode really helped me record my performances each time so I could compare my activity times. It pairs with any iOS and Android phone using the VeryFitPro app and not the Yogg Plus app, as the manual instructs. There are many similarities between the old version and the new, like the anti-theft feature and notification alerts (calls, messages, social media, alarms). This one, however, is water and dust-resistant (IP67, so it’ll withstand water immersion up to one metre for 30 minutes).

  • Weight: 17g
  • Bluetooth Version: BT 4.0V
  • Function: Charging by USB
  • Standby Time: Around 7 days

The device measures exercise level (steps taken, walking or running), sleep (deep sleep, light sleep, awake hours), and calorie burn. A competitive edge the Yogg Plus has is the new Sports Mode which helps monitor your body during a specific period of action. You can activate Sports Mode easily by sifting through the menu using the feather-touch function button: a long press of the button activates it.

After you finish your activity, you can switch off the mode in the same manner and check your status using the VeryFitPro app to which all your data is linked. It measures duration, step-count, calories burnt, during the activity. However, connectivity between the app and smartphone is quite glitchy.

Functionalities to fit

If you turn the sedentary feature on, then the device vibrates after a particular period of time of you being stationary. It also vibrates if you get any notification. One annoying part is related to the anti-theft feature — any time you are more than five to 10 metres away from your phone, it starts vibrating. This also happens when you are at home.

A major upgrade is the system of charging. All you need is a wall adapter to charge the device. Slip off the straps and plug the Yogg Plus in. It takes about three to four hours to charge using a 1A/2A USB adapter and has an amazing battery life of 10 to 14 days.

It’s basic moves with Portronics’ Yogg Plus

A common question that comes with fitness trackers is ‘how reliant would I be with these types of wearables?’ Answer: in the week-and-a-half I was testing this out, I’d quickly become quite reliant on the Yogg Plus. I found my attention redistributed a little as well; my eyes were more on the wearable than on my phone. Given the device links with your phone, I prioritised which texts were worth an immediate response, found myself ignoring spam calls, and also just didn’t take it off unless the device required a charge. I was spending less time on my phone but more on the Yogg Plus, so I assume it requires the user’s own form of discipline.

At an MRP of ₹2,500, it is a little on the high side, considering within the same price bracket you can get products with superior features like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the Lenovo HX06. But on Portronics’ own website, it costs ₹1,699, while on Amazon it is ₹1,599. For the price bracket under which it falls, it definitely looks better than its competitors, especially with its added Sports Mode.

This price changes the whole dynamic, making a wearable device easily accessible to everyone, from the kid studying for his board examination — the digital watch is useful — and trying to keep active, to a person who has just started his first job and hopes never to fall into the slog-slug routine.

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