What does draft Environmental Impact Assessment 2020 propose and how can it be improved? | The Hindu In Focus podcast

On March 12 this year, the Environment Ministry put out a draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) notification. This draft notification, with amended norms, is meant to replace the EIA notification of 2006. It was in the public domain for consultations and suggestions till August 11. So far, it has triggered widespread fears around dilution of environmental norms. Thousands of environmental activists, civil society groups, opposition leaders and ordinary citizens have written to the Environment Ministry, asking that the draft notification be withdrawn. But Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has maintained that the protests are unwarranted.

What exactly does the draft EIA 2020 propose to do? Why are so many environmental groups up in arms against it? What changes does the draft need so that it is able to achieve its stated purpose, which is to safeguard the environment and local communities from potential damage due to developmental projects?

Guest: Kanchi Kohli, scholar with the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, and expert on  issues related to the environment, forest and biodiversity governance in India.

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