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Serial surprise

Respected Madam/ Sir,

How are you? Tension only no? Everyday Corona number is increasing and increasing like anything. What to do? Bad time for whole world.

But on top of one bad time is there any need for another bad time? Never. But that only happened to Mr. Mathrubootham.

Latest bad time started three-four days ago. At 2 o’clock in the morning Mrs. Mathrubootham is taking my shoulder and shaking and shaking as if checking coconut in grocer shop.

Wake up, she said. Wake up immediately. I jumped out of bed and said, my god is it burglar or medical problem or whether Prime Minister is putting new announcement whether this fellow can keep quiet for two weeks or no?

She said, calm down, you will get heart attack. Just that I have seen one amazing TV programme called Tiger King. Have you heard? I said, no. I have heard of Chennai Super King and Tiger Balm but never Tiger King. It is sounding like a mixie company. Can we talk about mixie in the morning?

Mrs. Mathrubootham said, “Old man this is the problem. Whole day you sit in front of TV watching same jambuvan era films. Whether you have ever seen any programme produced after 1990? No. Never. Whole day you will watch Mannangkatti of Navarone and Day of the Muttal that’s all.”

Tiger King is latest superhit production from Netflix company, she said. Whole world is watching like anything. You please also watch so we can discuss. I said, “Kamalam what is the need to see programme? I will read Wikipedia page in the morning. Then we can discuss like anything.” Immediately she switched off light and went to sleep.

Next day pindrop silence from Mrs. M till lunch time. I said, “Kamalam, I am sorry.” She said in whole married life how many times I have told you to watch any programme? Less than 10 times. You think my programme is stupid? I said, what nonsense! Within three days I will watch all episodes of Tiger King. Then we will discuss like anything ok? Ok.

Madam/ Sir, that night I sat in front of TV after dinner. After Mrs. Mathrubootham is sleeping I put on Netflix. Then I thought, what is big hurry. Let me watch little bit of superhit film Maltese Falcon. By mistake I saw full film. No problem, I thought. Three days are there no.

Next evening I again put Netflix and started Tiger King. Then I thought long time since I saw Casablanca. If I watch 10 minutes whether sky will fall? Never. Again by mistake I saw full film totally by accident. I am human being, accidents will happen.

Finally third night I watched Tiger King full to full. Madam/ Sir, what can I say? Within five minutes I fell asleep. At 3 o’clock Mrs. M came and said, please come to the bed. Did you finish it? I said, 100%.

Today after lunch she asked me what are your thoughts about show? I said, it is a masterpiece. Never I expected so much suspense and thrills in one programme. She said, who is your favourite character? I said, Joe Exotic. Unbelievable fellow. Who is your second favourite? I said, Carole Baskin. She asked me did you like 11th episode or 12th episode? I said, 12th is very exciting, but 11th is best for suspense.

She got up from table and said, you are hopeless. Whole show is only eight episodes. Also, on computer in the bedroom Tiger King Wiki page is still open. Now please go back and read page fully to tell lies properly. Hopeless.

Yours in humiliation,

J. Mathrubootham

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