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When the world is excited about the upcoming superfast modes of transportation such as hyperloop and flying taxis, the one mode that is here to stay is cycling, making a bold statement that speed is not everything after all.

The fast-moving world is yet to come out of the reality check posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The forced confinements and restrictions on visiting public places have put the brakes on the pace with which our lives have been moving. So in these times, cycling has proved to be a safe way to maintain social distance and come out of that cocoon of “stay at home”.

I have been cycling for the past four years now and it has opened up a new dimension of happiness. It has built a motive to wake up early in the morning and watch the beautiful sunrise. The gush of chill winds wakes up the mind to a fresh start to the day. Pedalling helps the body fall in sync with the mind and the overall feel is quite refreshing.

Cycling can be said to be the best mode to be with nature. It teaches an important lesson that it is the path rather than the destination which holds more value. Reaching a destination and enjoying what is waiting for us is as important as how we travel the path. If the thought is that only the destination will bring happiness and the path is somehow to be covered, then the whole journey becomes arduous and there is no energy left to enjoy the destination.

Cycling gives the right pace to comfortably stop at places to enjoy watching a lush green paddy field or a lake filled with blooming lotuses and to chat and inspire the cheering gang of children you see on the roads. Also the moderate speed spells safety, and helps de-stress from the piled-up thoughts of the past and have a clearer view of the path ahead in life.

There are add-ons. The more you keep riding, the more you learn to endure, not only in terms of kilometres but also in everyday tasks. When you make cycling a daily activity, the muscles get strengthened, and the body becomes flexible and feels agile and active throughout the day. Being a cardiovascular activity, it keeps your heart happy and healthy. The bad fat makes a quiet exit and you start feeling more confident about your body.

Further, you will get yourself added to a new group of enthusiasts who inspire you with consistency, achievements and better fitness. Cycling brings you in touch with people from varied professions and spheres of life and the constant interaction will definitely help you grow.

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