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Job scene post-pandemic

Employers may evaluate candidates on how they coped with the uncertainties posed by COVID-19

Candidates at job interviews post-lockdown will have an additional challenge at hand. It could be a fresher graduating out of a college or people at different stages of their career seeking a job either for better prospects or as a fallout of unfortunate job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first challenge is that there may be fewer jobs for them to grab. Too many candidates may be chasing too few jobs. How does a candidate stand apart in such a situation?

Apart from evaluating candidates for their fitness for the job, the companies are going to evaluate them on how they coped with the uncertainties posed by the pandemic. In one way, this is actually a great opportunity for both candidates and companies. Companies will look for in the candidates the ability to adapt to uncertain conditions. Candidates can stand apart from others if they prove that they can think and act differently in such uncertainties.

It is paramount to realise that COVID-19 is a global phenomenon and has affected everyone some way or the other. Therefore, the first step is to accept the situation as it is. Each of us can only do our bit by staying at home and helping the authorities tackle the menace. But this may not be sufficient. We need to develop a positive attitude towards the situation and exhibit the same. This positivity alone will make the candidates stand apart in a situation such as a job interview. Let us see a few ways of developing ourselves in these difficult times.

All of us have considerable amount of time now to put into some productive use. We can enrol ourselves in any of the online certification courses and get certified in a skill. It is highly recommended that the selected course complements our field of experience and interest. We can also look at those areas which are likely to be in demand post lockdown such as AI, machine learning and data science and build that skill with certification. There are many comprehensive online skill development courses available at affordable price. In addition, many free courses are also available. Getting certified in a skill will not only increase the recruitment chances but will also positively change the image of a candidate in the eyes of the recruiter.

While taking up a certification course will improve the professional image, it is important that we develop our personal image also. Therefore, we can put our time to effective use by pursuing some hobbies. It is not uncommon that our hobbies were neglected by us due to paucity of time earlier. This lockdown period is the best opportunity to pursue these hobbies sincerely. Apart from that, we can spread positivity by writing blogs about these hobbies, by posting photographs in social media accounts and so on. If one is pursuing reading, post the review of a book. Similarly, one may post some recipe of a favourite dish or a recording of a song on social media. This will ensure that you remain connected with your contacts and also attract compliments and suggestions.

There are many other activities to take up to boost spirit and morale. This positive approach will definitely pay back at the time of recruitment interviews if one can produce a dossier of activities in the form of photographs, blogs, book reviews, recipe, video recordings and so on. Candidates may highlight these activities as part of their creative talent as well as ability to manage uncertainties.

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