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Colours, flavours, meanings

Smiles come in a variety of colours, flavours and meanings. In all its forms, it expresses underlying emotions of someone and have an impact on others.

When a child smiles, it takes a beatific flavour and spreads fragrance all around. It seems as if divinity has descended on earth. If the smile on a mother’s face leaves an affectionate trail, a teacher’s smile is very often so comforting and occasionally a tad condescending.

In an office, while a subordinate lapses into an ingratiating smile, a boss, depending on the swings of mood, would sport an approving, friendly or stony smile.

A besotted boy finds his heart aflutter when the girl wears a furtive smile. Indeed, a lass adds dazzling effect to her beauty when under the glow of an infectious smile.

If there is an ever-smiling species, it is the ubiquitous politician. It is a smile one knows is mirthless, yet one falls to its practised vacuity.

All wins evoke a smile that beams triumphantly and all losses leave a sinking smile. All approvals come with fulsome smiles and all disapprovals turn into mere pretension of a smile.

A smile is equally capable of giving someone short shrift more decisively than what spoken words do. For, a smirk at someone is more piercing than a dismissive gesture. Wickedness turns all too lethal, if carried with a wicked smile.

If one brings a smile on someone’s face, who is in a dire situation, that smile is the best manifestation of human nature’s tenderness.

If smile is so truly a reflection of myriad and benign human emotions, one wonders why humans fall victim to hatred and rancour.

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