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Time to stop the splurging

Many of us need to accept the fact that we actually don’t know how much is too much. When grown-ups themselves are unaware of this, how are children to be taught this?

A lot of people splurge on things that would eventually pile up as waste after a few years of use. With the amount of waste being generated, the time has come for us to sit back and think about what we really need and how much we need.

We need to instill contentment within us. We have always been under the impression that wearing a different set of clothing at least every other day or not repeating clothes for a whole month would boost our self-confidence and morale. But I am forced to ponder whether it is my clothes and accessories that actually define me. The answer is definitely a no from me and I am sure many will agree. And there is no one better than Gandhiji to exemplify this statement.

So why not stop with what we have right now and make a resolution not to invest in new clothes, gadgets and other accessories for a few years? This can definitely be done if we take our civic responsibilities more seriously and become aware of where all our trash is dumped, and commit ourselves to building an ecologically safer environment.

The concept of minimalism is gaining momentum around the world and people are becoming more aware about their requirements and the need to minimise waste. The practice of recycling clothes and accessories, which was common until a few decades ago when we would transform old and unused clothes into more usable ones, is in decline today.

The electronic world is even worse with many gadgets simply being dumped into mounds of trash. In today’s world there is considerable generation of e-waste as more and more people engage in frivolous consumerism. While growth in science is fascinating, the damage caused as a result is extremely worrying. This planet is quietly turning into a dumpyard. If this is the speed at which mankind is progressing, we will all live to see the day when there is more garbage and wastes around us than houses.

But it is heartening to note that many youngsters are coming forward to advocate eco-friendly practices and the need to save our natural resources. Eco-friendly marriages is another trend that is catching up, with many youngsters preferring green weddings in contrast to those where there is a huge pile-up of food and plastic waste after the ceremony. Even the use of clothes and jewelry is kept to the minimum and these are eco-friendly in their designs.

Reduction in waste generation would be possible only of we adopt minimalism. Prevention is better than cure. If we meet fewer needs today we would not have to worry about adding to the waste pile.

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