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Being plus-size

Being a woman in India is not easy. Being a full-figured woman in India is definitely not easy. The looks I get, not only from strangers but also from relatives near and far, is completely unwarranted. The comments that get passed behind me and in my face are abominable.

From the time I realised I was made the odd one out because of my size and figure (that was around 11 years ago), I haven’t seen one man or woman who has spoken to my face. Everyone’s eyes wander all over my body and then meet my eyes, sometimes.

The ‘share-auto’ drivers are the next judges of the world beauty pageants. There are times they have refused to allow me to board their vehicle because they cannot then take the fifth member in the three-seater vehicle. Shopping for clothes has also always been a pain in the neck.

From exercise regimens to surgical procedures, I have been suggested all kinds of treatments to ‘correct’ my figure. All you so-called well-wishers of mine, listen carefully: I am satisfied and happy with who I am. This is the real me. I am comfortable in my skin. If you can’t accept the way I look, then you are the ones who need treatment.

I am as intelligent as you are. I am as healthy as you are, maybe even healthier than you. I can do the same things that you do. I am full-figured because the ‘extra’ you see is my extra brain, that makes me see how shallow-brained you are. To all those who are now gearing up to throw brickbats at me: I don’t care. I care for others more than you; I am humane; I am clever and capable enough to run a company. I am full-figured and proud.

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