Vijay Mallya to be extradited, orders U.K. court | live updates

Vijay Mallya has been on bail since his arrest in April 2017  

A court in the U.K. has ordered the extradition of businessman Vijay Mallya to India.

This follows a trial that took place over the course of nine months, ending in September, following Mr. Mallya’s arrest in April 2017, on an extradition warrant.

India has been seeking the businessman’s extradition on charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to ₹9,000 crore. He has been on bail since his arrest.

Here are live updates from our London Correspondent Vidya Ram:


6.45 pm

'Case not to assuage BJP’s political masters’

"No sign this is a false case being mounted against him to assuage the bjp’s political masters," Judge Emma Arbuthno said.

Even as the Defence pointed to the "atrocious state of the papers” from government of India, the judge said, There is no doubt that the state of the papers in this case doubled the work of this court".

5: 40 pm


Mallya to be extradited, orders UK court

Westminster Magistrates’ Court Chief Magistrate Judge Emma Arbuthnot rules that Mr. Mallya can be extradited to India to stand trial on the charges brought by the CBI and ED.


She says, "There is nothing to indicate that the Mallya case was pursued because of his political opinions," and that there is "no evidence that Rakesh Asthana acted corruptly, contrary to defence arguments."

The case has now been referred to the Secretary of State.

3:20 pm


'My offer (to repay the principal amount) not bogus,'

“My offer [to repay the principal amount] is not bogus,” Mallya told reporters outside the court.

“I want to disprove the narrative that I have stolen [the money],” he said.

He said that whatever the judgement, his legal team will reveal the judgement and take proper steps thereafter.

What will happen next?


3:10 pm

CBI team in London

A team led by Central Bureau of Investigation Joint Director A. Sai Manohar is currently inside the Westminster Magistrate's Court building and will attend the proceedings.

Earlier, the agency’s Special Director Rakesh Asthana led the team which had been working on the case in coordination with the British Crown Prosecution since December last year.

However, following charges and counter charges between him and CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma, the government stripped them of their powers pending an inquiry by the Central Vigilance Commission.

2:45 pm

Will Mallya face immediate extradition if the case goes against him?

Sarosh Zaiwalla, founder of the London-based Zaiwalla & Co, explains:

If the judgment goes against him, he would have 14 days to appeal, during which period he wouldn’t be arrested, but would remain on bail. Should he choose to appeal to the Court of Appeal (he has the automatic right to do so) — it could take months for the case to be heard as it gets very clogged up. This process could take up to five or six months. Should this also go against him, he could apply for the right to appeal to the Supreme Court, which would involve at least another six weeks and if he won the right to do so that could take more months, even up to a year. If the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lost, a similar appeals process would be open.

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2:30 pm

Arthur Road Jail keeps high security cell ready

Authorities at the Arthur Road prison in Mumbai have kept a high security cell ready for Mr. Mallya if he is extradited

If extradited, Mallya will be lodged in one of the high security barracks located in a two-storey building inside the prison complex, which also housed 26/11 Mumbai attack terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, a prison official said.

“We are fully prepared to lodge him safely at our correction centre. If he is brought here, we will take care of his safety and security,” the official said.

In case of a medical emergency, Mallya can be treated at the dispensary located close to the barrack, where doctors and other staff are present to provide basic treatment to prisoners, he said.

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