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The second edition of the India Digital Wellness Report (IDWR) was released by NortonLifeLock Inc. recently. IDWR is an online survey of over 1,500 city-based Indian adults. Among several things, it explores the increased popularity of online dating apps across user segments in India.

The report takes into account three generations of users in India. The first is Generation X who are born in the years around 1965 to 1980. The second is Millenials who are born in the years around early 1980 till mid-1990s. The third is Generation Z who are born in the years around latter 1990s to early 2010s.

63% of Generation X Respondents seek serious relationships. 72% of Millenial respondents seek friendship.

While 17% of Millenial respondents seek physical intimacy, only 11% Generation X respondents do.

Respondents who seek casual dating 44% users share personal details on dating apps without meeting the person offline. 44% male and 66% female respondents think online meetings are trustworthy.

While 84% women are aware of security threats, only 74% men know about it. 94% women respondents know how to adjust privacy permissions.

38% male respondents think it is safe to save passwords in mobile phones, while 50% females do. 73% people check their phone within minutes of waking up. 71% get anxious if the smartphone isn't connected to the internet.

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