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Coronavirus | TFAPA wants actors, technicians earning over ₹10 lakh to take pay cut for films stuck in production


Tamil Film Active Producers Association president Bharathirajaa on Monday urged actors and technicians who have taken a remuneration of more than ₹10 lakh to accept a 30% pay cut and complete the films delayed due to covid-19 pandemic.

In an appeal to actors and technicians, Mr. Bharathirajaa said that most films have found that their revenue streams - satellite rights, OTT and theatrical rights - have dried up due to the pandemic.

"Producers are unable to pay back even the interest payment to the lenders. In this situation, it is the responsibility of all actors and technicians to come forward and help the producers, whose films are under production and are stuck due to this lockdown," he said.

He said that the producers can manage this situation only if their total investment reduces by at least 40-50%. Mr. Bharathirajaa cited the examples of Telugu and Malayalam film industries where the artistes and technicians have agreed to take a 30-50% cut in their salaries and urged the Tamil counterparts to do the same as well.

"In Tamil cinema, a few actors have come forward to reduce their salaries by 30%, considering the difficult situation of their producers CCTV. While we appreciate their kind gesture, it is not enough. Only when all the actors, actresses and technicians, who get a remuneration of ₹10 lakh and above come forward and accept a reduction of 30% in their salaries, producers can reduce their overall cost, complete their films and release them without any financial difficulty," he said.

Mr. Bharathirajaa said that this request is only for films stuck in production and not for new films that are going to be signed in future.

He said, "We are making this request only for the films which were under production and are stuck due to Covid-19 and not for new films, which you are signing and commencing, for which you and the Producers may decide on appropriate remuneration".

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