Modi lays foundation for Amaravati: As it happened

Pitched as a world-class riverfront capital city, Amaravati will be an energy-efficient and green city with concentration on industrial hubs.

Updated - November 26, 2021 10:26 pm IST

Published - October 22, 2015 10:20 am IST

Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh : 22/10/2015:    Prime Minister Narendra Modi being explained by  Chief Minister N.Chndrababu Naidu after laying the foundation for Amaravati the new capital of Andhra Pradesh on October 22, 2015.Telengana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao (left) and other dignitaries are also seen.  Photo: K.R. Deepak -

Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh : 22/10/2015: Prime Minister Narendra Modi being explained by Chief Minister N.Chndrababu Naidu after laying the foundation for Amaravati the new capital of Andhra Pradesh on October 22, 2015.Telengana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao (left) and other dignitaries are also seen. Photo: K.R. Deepak -

Amid fertile agricultural lands and in the presence of a galaxy of dignitaries, including Ministers from foreign countries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays the foundation stone for Amaravati, the futuristic capital of Andhra Pradesh, at a grand ceremony on Thursday.

Here are live updates of the ceremony:

2.01 pm: Whatever has been discussed on development of Andhra Pradesh between Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu will be implemented in toto. Bharat Mata Ki Jai, says Modi ending his speech.

2.00 pm: Those who had divided the State are trying to sow seeds of dissent and giving a wrong message to youth of the State. I assure that whatever is mentioned in the A.P. Reorganisation Act, we will implement it to the last letter.

1.57 pm: This symbolism has the message that Delhi will be working with A.P. at every step to make sure the growth of Capital and State takes place properly.

1.55 pm: You have brought soil and water from all your villages and tried your best to make it real people's capital. When I handed over soil and water from Parliament and Yamuna, to Chandrababu Naidu, he said it had emotional touch. It is like the country's capital had reached Amaravati.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the public after foundation stone laying ceremony. Photo: V. Raju

1.53 pm: In the past the government had not helped the State, but Our Government will be see that A.P. become Human Resources Capital. Our Government has set up 11 national level institutions in the direction of improving the Human Resources in A.P.

1.52 pm: During Atal Behari Vajpayee's reign, he had overseen creation of three new states and there was not problem in their progress and I hope Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will also proceed in that direction.

1.50 pm: People of Andhra Pradesh working all over the world can come back to A.P. and participate in the Stat-up movement. In the days to come Andhra Pradesh will lead an economic revolution. This will be Youth-led economic revolution in the days to come. A country which has 80 crore of youth can reach top of the world. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana should be complementary to each and benefit from that, says Modi.

1.49 pm: The advantage of Start-up movement launched by Centre was taken by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh youth and they have the capacity

1.48 pm: Andhra or Telangana, the soul is Telugu: Narendra Modi.

1.47 pm : Some people in a hurry to gain political mileage had initiated this division of Andhra Pradesh State. I know the pain of people losing their lives on either side of the divided state and I know it is the handiwork of the last Government in bringing this pain.

1.45 pm: 2001 Bhuj earthquake had given us an opportunity to build new cities and living spaces and political will had to be there for moving towards development and growth. Kuch District is a live example of this thought.

1.43 pm: Smart cities should have latest technology, no wastage, latest mass transportation facility. Amaravati will be a benchmark for the development of new cities and implementation of new technologies for creation of jobs and revenue.

1.42 pm: We have to move towards building new modern cities and that is why we have started the programme of 100 Smart Cities. The cities should be centres of economic growth and revenue generation.

1.41 pm: Very few new capitals or towns have been built after Independence, but that inhibition must end. We must look towards urbanisation with sustainability, without looking it as problem, but as an opportunity.

1.40 pm: Andhra Pradesh is taking up a new initiative on Vijaya Dasami of building a new capital at the place where in history it commanded respect for its culture. The pace at which Chandrababu Naidu took up this task of building the capital by bringing together the best minds and Best Practices in the world, need to be congratulated.

1.39 pm: Amaravati is truly people's capital, says Modi.

1.38 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins speech in Telugu greeting people on Vijaya Dasami

1.37 pm: Telugu people will never forget the assurances given by Mr Narendra Modi during difficult times, says Chandrababu Naidu

1.36 pm: People of Andhra Pradesh are ready to toil hard and have entrepreneurial skills, we can develop into the best State in the days to come: Naidu

1.33 pm: We are in second spot in the country in 'Ease of doing' business, and we have plans to develop the State into the best in the country by 2050: Chandrababu Naidu.

1.32 pm: Pains of bifurcation are many as we do not have a revenue generating capital like Chennai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad, so `Hand-holding' by Centre should continue: Chandrababu Naidu

1.30 pm: T he Andra Pradesh Chief Minister thanks the Centre for merging seven mandals of Telangana in A.P. that will get submerged in the Polavaram Project Reservoir area. Chandrababu Naidu asks KCR to extend cooperation for joint operations and development in both the states and for resolving problems that may crop up in future.

1.28 pm: Division of the State is unfortunate, but we will go forward in solving people's problems taking the help of Telangana Chief Minister KCR: Chandrababu Naidu.

1.25 pm: Nine cities will be formed in Amaravati, says Chandrabababu Naidu. The CM thanks Singapore and Japan governments for extending help to build a massive and modern capital by giving designs in record time.

1.20 pm: Soils from Bodha Gaya and several shrines, waters from all rivers brought to the capital to empower the soil: Chandrababu Naidu

1.15 pm: Chandrababu Naidu thanks farmers for giving land voluntarily. Salutes all the 25,000 farmers, who voluntarily gave 33,000 acres of land for construction of Amaravati as part of Land Pooling scheme implemented for the first time in the country.

1.13 pm: All promises made during the division of Andhra Pradesh will be fulfilled. From Polavaram Project to building of Amaravati, promised projects will be taken care of, says M. Venkaiah Naidu.

1.10 pm: Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu says Centre and State should work together to develop new capital. The Minister congratulates KCR and Chandrababu Naidu for sharing the dais for the first time after division of Andhra Pradesh.

1.05 pm: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao begins speech by greeting people of Andhra Pradesh on the occasion of Vijaya Dasami. KCR extends all help from Telangana government for development of Amaravati capital.

1.02 pm: Singapore Minister Iswaran describes the process of collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government on development of Amaravati Township. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is an old friend of Singapore: Iswaran. Lusting cheering for KCR as he mentions Chandrababu Naidu's name while beginning his speech.

1.00 pm: Andhra Pradesh has the potential to be gateway of Asia Pecific region. Japanese Minister remebers how his country struggled to rebuild after second world war. With our historical ties this is a great opportunity for Japan and India to take forward our relationship, says Singapore Minister.

12.52 pm: Japanese Minister says Amaravati was the seed of Japanese culture, lifestyle and belief. Japan is ready to lend a helping hand in constructing the capital by bringing `Our' technology. All our experience in building a new capital after destruction in World War will be brought here.

12.50 pm: PM presents Yamuna water and Sand for Mana Matti, Mana Neeru , Mana Amaravati to CM. PM uses a quote "Nanu saitam" from Srisri's Mahaprasanam poem.

12.45 pm: Modi unveils plaque. Foreign invitees, Telangana CM KCR, M. Venkaiah Naidu, Chandrababu Naidu and PM Narendra Modi to address people.

12.40 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing Yantra Pratishta as part of Amaravati foundation laying ceremony.

12.35 pm: The Foundation Laying ceremony begins with Narenda Modi beginning Poorna Aahuti at the venue. Governors E S L Narashiman and K Rosaiah, CMs N Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrasekhara Rao accompanied PM in Poorna Aahuti at Yagasala.

12.15 pm: In a few minutes, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone for the new capital. The capital region has been designed to cater for an 11.5-million population, with a provision for 3.3 million jobs by 2035, while the core capital area, spread over 16.9, will meet the requirements of four million people, creating close to 1.8 million jobs by 2050.

12:10 pm: On Wednesday, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu flew over the core area of the capital in a helicopter and sprinkled holy water and soil brought from 16,000 villages across the State.

11:55 am: Prime Minister boards helicopter for Amaravati. He was received at the airport by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and Governor ESL Narasimhan. Two Indian Air Force Choppers accompanied PM's helicopter.

11.45 am: Commerce minister Nirmala Seetaraman, Singapore minister Eswran and a delegation from Japan arrive at venue. Japan delegation comprises of industrialists too.

11.35 am: Well-known drummer Sivamani begins performance on stage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Gannavaram airport will arrive at venue by helicopter.

11.25 am: A day when millions across the globe will watch Amaravati's birth has arrived. Let's build Amaravati together, says AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

11.22 am: All religion prayer begins on main dais at Uddandarayunipalem before Amaravati Foundation Ceremony starts.

11.15 am: KCR along with a couple of Cabinet colleague reache venue and are received by A.P Ministers.

11.10 am: Japan State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) , Yosuke Takagi and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu sign MoU on development of new capital city and industry cooperation. Japan Bank for International Cooperation Director General (Social Infrastructure) Noriko Nasu and AP Principal Secy Finance P V Ramesh sign MoU for facilitating foreign investments in new capital and region .

11.00 am: Artistes performing Kuchipudi as part of the ceremony.

Photo: ANI

10.52 am: A section of the crowd at the venue in Uddandarayunipalem - Amaravati Foundation Laying Ceremony. Invitation cards turn into hand fans with stifling heat prevailing pandals.

10.46 am: Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal arrives for ceremony.

10.45 am: Union Ministers Bandaru Dattatreya and Nirmala Sitharaman arriving at the venue along with MP Gokaraju Gangaraju.

10.40 am: Buddhist relics preserved at the Archaeological Museum in Amaravati and kept away from public eye will be exhibited, during the capital foundation ceremony. A collection of exclusive artefacts from the museum, including bone relics of Buddha will be on display at ‘Amaravati Pavilion’, proposed to be created by the Tourism Department at the venue. >Read more

10.38 am: The Dhyana Buddha is the cynosure of all eyes today. The 125-feet-tall Dhyana Buddha statue there is becoming the face of ‘Brand Amaravati’. The statue embellished with sculptures from the Amaravati School of Art and was sculpted by the Joint Director of Social Welfare, Guntur, R. Mallikarjuna Rao. >Read more

10.36 am: Telangana CM KCR is accompanied by Cabinet colleagues Md. Mahaboob Ali, Etela Rajender, Jagadish Reddy.

10.33 am: Anchors Sai Kumar and Sunitha at the Amaravati Foundation Stone laying venue in Uddandarayunipalem village in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

10.30 am: Telangana CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao leaves Suryapet by copter for Amaravati event. He will spend three hours there.

10.25 am: In an interview to The Hindu , Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu speaks about his dreams for the world-class riverfront capital and reminds the Centre of its moral commitment to the state. >Read more

10.20 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi departs from Delhi in a special airplane, will land at Gannavaram at 11.50 p.m. Andhra Pradesh N.Chandrababu Naidu will receive the Prime Minister

10.15 am: Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu avoids a direct answer to if any big announcement will be made by the Centre on this occasion

10.10 am: Vijayawada and Guntur wore a festive look ahead of the birth of the new city. > Read more

The 125-feet tall Dhyana Buddha statue at Amaravati. - PHOTO: T. VIJAYA KUMAR

10:06 am: Tollywood artistes Sai Kumar and singer Sunitha will anchor the Amaravati foundation laying function.

10.05 am: Actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan skips Amaravati event, busy in cinema shooting in Gujarat.

10.02 am: Singapore Minister S. Iswaran, Union Ministers Nirmala Sitaraman Bandaru Dattatreya arrive at Gannavaram airport to attend Amaravati event.

10.00 a.m.: Andhra Pradesh Ministers Kamineni Srinivas and Ganta Srinivas Rao receiving guests at the Gannavaram airport.

The authorities are expecting 1.5 lakh-2 lakh people to attend the historic event. More than 15,000 policemen from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka and paramilitary forces have been deployed at the venue and at the vantage points along seven routes leading to the site, and to escort VVIPs. Twenty-five closed-circuit TV cameras have been installed at the venue.

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