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21 Andhra Government websites hacked

Just a day before the Finance Minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy is to present the State Budget in the Legislative Assembly, cyber criminals managed to break into the Government servers and hack the website which gives details of the budget. The hacker added an additional page on the site with URL - >

This is one of the twenty one websites of Andhra Pradesh government that have been hacked on Thursday exposing severe chinks in the cyber security.

Interestingly, the hackers did not deface the home pages of these different departmental websites but added additional pages with their messages indicating cyber intruders were not radical hackers who would steal the information or do other mischief, but those who just wanted to prove their capabilities.

The hackers identified themselves as !-Bb0yH4cK3r_Dz-! and Hmei7.

The hacked websites belonged to major government departments such as Gazette notifications, government orders, commercial taxes, GAD, horticulture, factories, remote and interior area development, etc.

While one hacker !-Bb0yH4cK3r_Dz-! added the page with URL extension of /Dz.htm the other Hmei7 added the extension /.x.htm to the original URLs.

Melly Maitreyi adds

‘Hacked website does not have new budget data’

The State Government allayed apprehensions that the hacking of various websites including that which gives details of the budget, will undermine the data of the budget for 2012-13.

The Finance Department officials said that the website with url > that was hacked, did not contain the details of the present budget which would be kept confidential till presented to the Legislative Assembly and Council on February 17.

"We do not place details of the budget to be presented in that website and when these are posted it will be done in a secured environment", the official added.

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