Top moments from the Republican National Convention 2016

The real estate mogul loves to make a grand entrance and that's exactly what he did. On Day 1 of the RNC, Trump walked into the huge stadium booming with as the song
Thousands of police officers, secret service agents, and FBI agents were on duty at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Stadium for the four-day event. The anti-Trump protesters were loud and clear.
Trump's wife Melania gave an unforgettable speech. Really unforgettable, especially because some of the lines she delivered were plagiarised from First Lady Michelle Obama's speech back in 2008 during the Democratic National Convention. This was quickly pointed out by a journalist on Twitter, and it set off huge uproar. Photo: AP
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani echoed Trump in many ways. He spoke on the opening night on the theme 'Make America Safe Again,' bringing up the topic of the recent police killings that have shaken up America.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who lost in the Republican race to Trump, failed to endorse the Republican nominee.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan endorsed Trump, making him one of the most prominent Republicans to do so in the absence of John McCain, Mitt Romney and George W Bush from the RNC. Photo: AP
The biggest revelation of the event was Ivanka Trump, Trump's daughter. No doubt Ivanka shadowed Trump through his campaign for the last one year, but her speech was a game-changer. She not only hailed her father and his hard work but also threw light on who she really is, a mother. A working one at that. According to several polls, Trump rates really low among women and his daughter's appeal to women seem to have made a positive impact. Photo: Reuters
Trump was crowned as the Republican nominee and he acknowledged it with a 75-minute speech. He addressed a variety of issues - from foreign affairs to fighting terrorism and crime. His slogan for the night was
As America braces itself for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia starting on July 25, the next stop for the Trump-Pence train is the General Elections in November.

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