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Madras Week 2019: Know your Chennai

August is an exciting month for Madras, now Chennai. It was 380 years ago that the British East India Company purchased Madrasapattinam from an Indian. A sleepy hamlet that the British set their sights upon is now a bustling metropolis, always in a state of flux, and yet, by all accounts retaining its original character, even as the old gives way to the new.

Did you know that Chennai houses Asia’s largest library?  Or that it has the world’s second largest urban beach?

Madras, now Chennai, is always full of surprises and here we give you a collection of articles that delve into the different facets of Chennai. From its hallowed cinema history to food items that one can not help but binge-eat, here are some parts of Chennai that are well-known and rare at the same time.

Madras Day 2019: How Chennai grew from an English settlement

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