Dog walking, new and improved

At 6.30 in the morning, a Rottweiler, Success, starts jumping and barking for attention. This is because his friend, another Rottweiler, Ron, is taken out for a walk by a visitor, and Success is waiting for his turn. “Taking two Rottweilers for a walk is unmanageable and taxing. When one dog is taken out, the other gets restless. They need to walk at the same time. So we found a dog-walker,” says M.R. Jayakkar, the dogs' owner.

While for Mr. Jayakkar the problem is managing two dogs together, for many other dog owners, poor health or lack of time makes it impossible for them to spend a few of their morning hours giving their pets a walk. The solution they have all found: outsource this to certain groups that are offering this service.

Despite dog walking constituting exercise for both the dogs and their owners, the activity sometimes takes a toll on those owners who have big breeds.

“When my older dog put on weight, the vet advised we give him regular walks. I don't mind spending for them,” Mr. Jayakkar says.

Lack of exercise can often lead to obesity or arthritis in many dogs.

Sriram Sekhar, founder of Paw Prints which has recently launched its dog-walking services in the city, explains why he embarked on the venture.

“Often, in houses where the security guard or a helper takes dogs for a walk, they seem to either sit at the corner tea kadai or some other place and bring the pet back after a while,” he says.

“When they buy a pet, for the first two years owners are enthusiastic about taking the dogs out. But over a period of time, they loose interest and do not follow the schedule needed for the dog,” says Mr. Sekhar.

Another alternative that Suresh Chandra, founder, Cho Chweet has, is to exercise the pets on a treadmill that has a barricade on either side. “It is an exclusive treadmill for dogs. Often when dogs go on the streets the loud car honks disturb them. Using the treadmill is more convenient for both the owner and the dog,” he says.“Very few people are aware of such a treadmill,” he adds.

Often on Sundays, dogs get to stay at home, since according to dog-walkers, this is the day they can spend lots of quality time with their owners.

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