BJP, Congress criticise AAP govt. over handling of virus outbreak

The BJP and Congress on Monday accused the Delhi government of being “useless” at confronting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and questioned as to why it had not improved its functioning in this regard despite being reprimanded several times by the judiciary.

Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta said the Supreme Court has once again reprimanded the Delhi government for mismanagement of health facilities in dealing with the virus and sought information about the steps taken to prevent its spread.

“The Delhi government has become so recalcitrant and fascinated by power that even the Supreme Court’s directive does not matter to them,” Mr. Gupta alleged.

“The Delhi government was reprimanded by Supreme Court as well as the High Court five times for negligence in battling the pandemic and pollution, but still there is no improvement in its way of functioning,” he also alleged.

Mr. Gupta said it was the moral responsibility of the Delhi government to work together with political parties, social service organisations, RWAs, traders associations. However, it has only indulged in showing off.

Hollow promises

Meanwhile, the Delhi Congress said that it has now led to an emergency-like situation due to the dangerous spike in the number of deaths and infection counts in Delhi. DPCC president Ch Anil Kumar blamed the Kejriwal government of indulging only in hollow promises and lip service, without strengthening infrastructure at the ground level.

“Between November 1 and November 22, the number of deaths have risen with one out of five COVID-19 deaths in the country happening in Delhi. It is shocking to learn that per lakh deaths in Delhi due to the virus is four times more than the national average, and the Capital has approximately four times more COVID-19 cases per million than the national average when testing is 70% lower than what is actually required,” Mr. Kumar alleged.

He added that Delhi is seeing another surge in COVID-19 cases because the government was caught napping, even as most of India’s virus numbers are going down. “People of Delhi are paying a heavy price for the Delhi government’s inaction, irresponsibility and inefficiency,” Mr. Kumar said.

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