This lockdown, let's break stereotypes

Aparajita Singh  

As the world fights against one of its worst enemies the Novel Coronavirus through various measures, it also continues to teach us about the basic things that we never laid emphasis on and even if we did the work assigned were gender specific.

Keeping our homes and our surroundings clean are things that we are taught but never get our hands into. We usually have our house help or our mothers do the cleaning and organising. We hardly see the male members getting involved in the cleaning or cooking or other miscellaneous job, as they call it. Even though some of the best cooks in the world are men, it is considered to be a woman's job. Unfortunately, we don't teach our boys about doing the chores or cleaning their own mess. It's not a boy thing they are told. Now is the time to break this stereotype and teach them young about equality and respect through something as simple but important as cleaning. No more of mama does this and papa does that.

The effort our kids put in cleaning, cooking and doing the chores in these times will teach them respect towards the weaker sections of society and make them ready for future crises and make them self-sufficient. It's never too early to start. Especially with our boys. Let us together break the old shackles. Our world will surely recuperate with the current situation but there are many life lessons that we have been taught and we should remember them for the world to be a better place. Also, it's time we teach our kids that the one who comes to pick up your garbage is not the ‘kachray waley uncle’ (Uncle who collects the garbage) but he is the "safai waley uncle" (uncle who cleans). It's time to do our bit and form constructive new habits.


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