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Travel unlocked: exploring the south of India

After months of #throwback pictures from holidays on the ’gram, social media is now abuzz with #covidtravel shots. Local economies need the boost, no doubt, but we recommend treading with caution. Places like the Maldives have been rolling out the red carpet and scores of our celebrities (mostly Bollywood) have been busy sharing pictures of themselves at the choicest properties.

The key is for destinations to have very strict protocol in place, to ensure it is being followed and to place heavy penalties in the event of breaches, observes Divia Thani, Editor, Condé Nast Travel. Public health experts say you should wear a mask outside, especially if you are going to be near other people. To that effect, with all roads leading to Goa, let’s hope the Corporation of the City of Panaji’s aggressive drive to fine offenders will lead to better behaviour. If the sunshine state is on your itinerary this season, read on for what its residents have to say.

Make time for the undisturbed South with some of Goa’s best-kept secrets. Also in our South India special: how to make a boat on your next Kerala vacay, help Coimbatore’s garland makers and plan that next motorcycle holiday.

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