The power of a spa and a quick nap

A calming massage to banish all stress  

“You will need more than one session, Ma’am, if you are looking for weight loss,”says Dr Arun delicately. “While all our signature treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, for anything to show results it will take time and patience.” I get the hint, and go back to the Jiva Spa Menu I am holding in my hands.

It is a difficult decision. There are four signature treatments up for grabs and while ‘Trupti’ invites me to embrace harmony through a calming massage that promises to banish all stress and assures me a good night’s sleep, ‘Sudhikara’ will purify me with a lymphatic drainage massage and, what is more, will wrap me up in banana leaves and allow the scrubs and herbs to work their magic and leave me feeling light and wholesome. (This is the one I was hoping would scrub away a few grams.) The third option is the rather intimidating sounding Pehelwan Malish and I steer clear of that as the description uses adjectives such as ‘vigorous’ and ‘powerful’ and mentions something about sore, tense and aching muscles. No doubt the massages are designed to pummel away my fatigue, but I desist.

Info you can use
  • Gift a spa experience to loved ones. The gift vouchers come with a validity of three months
  • Buy four treatments and get the fifth one free. These come with a validity of 75 days
  • Avail a discount on Spa Treatments during Happy Hours on Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm
  • For details and to make an appointment, call the helpful spa staff at Taj Vivanta, Coimbatore at 0422 6681000

So the Jivania Signature treatment has begun to look most appealing and Dr Arun nods approvingly too. It simply says it will invigorate me and I am up for that. It is for two hours and I am hoping that will leave me time for a quick nap. It does!

I am already a fan as before starting anything else, I am handed a cup of Vishudhi Chaya. Any chaya is welcome but this one has basil, jaggery and lemon and is said to encourage detoxification. After a steam and a sauna (I drink a lot of water before that), I am led to a dimly lit room that smells of flowers and spices.

Clean the feet in a uruli filled with water and flowers

Clean the feet in a uruli filled with water and flowers  

I am invited to place my weary feet in a uruli with flowers and a string of jasmine flowers are put around my neck. After my feet are gently washed and patted dry, I lay me down and the treatment begins.

There is a masala scrub with dry ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper. A gentle scrub ensues and my skin hums as the spices do their work. I am wrapped up in a sheet, scrub and all, and that is when the power nap happens. I wake up to the apologetic voice of my masseuse who then proceeds to energise me with a massage using an oil that has tulsi, patchouli and ashwagandha that are said to purify the blood, detoxify and tone respectively.

I can’t think of a nicer way to spend two hours. My mobile is switched off and there are no other annoying ringtones disturbing my calm. Instead of loud music, there is the sound of what I can only think of as waves on the beach, and the perfumes I smell in the room are all natural and unlikely to leave me with a headache. I am also encouraged to nap.

The unhurried treatment, the deft and sure massage of the masseuse and the ambience that is a signature of the Taj leaves me revitalised, happy and with a glowing skin. I am once again urged to try a few sessions of the Sudhikara that will drain my lymphs and kickstart my metabolism. I just might do that.

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