Watch | Why is Pule Cheese the most expensive in the world?

The Pule donkey cheese is the world's most expensive cheese.

Priced at 1130 dollars per kilo, the cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys.

It is only produced at the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia, where a team of farmers have been milking a herd of more than 200 donkeys. 

These donkeys are endangered and are taken under special protection.  It takes months for them to produce any milk and when they do, it is hardly a litre a day.

But the milk produced is high in protein and has been recognised by the UN as a good alternative for those with allergies to cow's milk.

Donkey milk has low levels of casein, a type of protein that acts as a binding agent in cheese-making. The pule cheese thus produced is white, dense and rich in flavour.

One kilo of cheese requires 25 litres of donkey milk. The farm sells only about to six to 15 kilos of cheese in a year.

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