Stack up on snacks: snack vending machines at workplaces

Bengaluru, Karnataka: 10/10/2017: Ashish Nimodia, Founder of Snack it.
Photo: Sampath Kumar G P

Bengaluru, Karnataka: 10/10/2017: Ashish Nimodia, Founder of Snack it. Photo: Sampath Kumar G P

Are you always rushing? To work? To meet deadlines? To meetings? And, in the process do you forget to eat? If your answer to most of these questions is ‘yes’, then you must meet Ashish Nimodia, the founder of Snackit — a start up that installs snack vending machines at corporate houses.

“The name Snackit also means ‘snack for IT’, says Ashish, who then explains what made him start this venture. “When I worked in Bengaluru, I observed we had no time to grab a bite. I saw people around me running all the time to meet deadlines. By the time they were done, they would have realised they had missed lunch and it was tea time already. Even if colleague did bring lunch from home, I noticed they avoided eating it as it would be cold.” Ashish adds that was when he came up with an idea to provide healthy and quick snacks for working people. Something that is “available within the office,” explains Ashish, who adds that once he “had the idea”, he quit his job and worked towards making Snackit a reality.

“Japan is a leader in the snack vending industry. Inspired by that, I started sourcing vending machines and started placing them within corporate houses, loaded with snacks.” Snackit vending machines come with beverages such as milkshake, buttermilk, badam milk, and lassi. For snacks, there are a range of goodies made from oats, ragi and millets. “Apart from a limited amount of diet Coke, most of the stuff leans towards the healthier side,” assures Ashish.

The only challenge he faced was that companies where he installed his machines expected him to pay a rent.

“That is not how it works. We will rent out the snack vending machine loaded with snacks and beverages and will also replenish it when needed. Once that concept is understood, we take a fixed charge from the company.”

Ashish adds that his vending machines are in step with tehcnology too.

“Now we have a change system, smart card option and are also tied up with PayTM. Recently we also integrated with Twitter to become a Twitter vending machine where all you need to do is tweet using hashtag and get a product of your choice from the vending machine.”

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