Dressing up for an Indian summer

A piece from Shalini James’ The Other O collection   | Photo Credit: Nadirsha

Summer has finally arrived. The sun is out, the temperature has risen and you are left wondering how to dress during this season. You want to dress well, look chic and stay comfortable. MetroPlus speaks to leading fashion designers and costume designers for inputs. Many of them have come up with new lines, all made in fabrics that breathe.

Shalini James

Shalini James   | Photo Credit: Nadirsha

Shalini James

Fashion designer

During summer, it’s best to wear comfortable garments in breathable materials like cotton, linen and natural fibre, in pastel shades. In fact, you will usually find me in cotton tunics and pants as our climate is extremely humid. My new line, The Other O, is targetted at the Indian summer; it is an Indo-Western collection in organic cotton. The dresses and tunics come in stripes and chequered patterns. While most of the wear are in unbleached whites, we do have outfits in indigo, madder and turmeric dyes. The latter are suited for those who spend most of their time in an air conditioned environment.

Sameera Saneesh

Sameera Saneesh   | Photo Credit: NIAS MARIKAR

Sameera Saneesh

Costume designer

As my job takes me outdoors most of the time, I usually wear kurtis in soft cotton. My go-to colours this season are light yellows, peach and off-whites. I like teaming loose sleeveless tops with palazzos, culottes and printed skirts for the actors I help costume. Not only does it look good on screen but the actors feel comfortable too out in the sun for the shoot.

This summer, I predict tunics in cotton and linen to become an in thing amongst fashionistas. Loose fit knee-length kurtis with gathers at the bottom, which are currently available in stores look smart and so do the sleeveless A-line dresses. Sleeveless tops with three-fourth pants look good too.

Stylish and personal shopper Malavika Mohan

Stylish and personal shopper Malavika Mohan   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Malavika Mohan

Stylist and personal shopper

I am going the Gandhian way this summer, making khadi my most recommended fabric. The texture has sheen and a raw finish. Pom-poms as tassels add a pop of colour to khadi saris that are in subtle shades. Some embroidery or applique designs on the back of the blouses also keep the look edgy, adding to the summery feel.

Go for patterns that don’t require a dupatta or layers. Transparent light cotton patterns always require lining which is also uncomfortable in this weather. So, if the fabric comes with a heavy thread count, the transparency is taken care of and the design can be carried off as it is.

Leave the neck bare, putting up your hair and tying a scarf for some flair. A watch could be the only other accessory. Covered footwear is a must during this season, so mojaris or white canvas shoes it is.

Maanas Salim

Maanas Salim   | Photo Credit: special arrangement

Maanas Salim

Fashion designer, Niram Neela

Summer is all about natural fabrics like cottons and linens that let your skin breathe. Khadi fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Minimal silhouttes with intricate details are totally in now as are one-piece dresses in flowy silhouettes. As for colours, pastels will not absorb much heat, keeping the body cool.

Work wear should consist of cottons, that is, loose-fit kurtis, dresses, skirts and palazzos on weekdays while you can indulge your style quotient with handloom and khadi saris on weekends.

Sobha Viswanath

Founder, Weaver’s Village

Summer is all about loose patterns and hand-woven material that is dyed using natural colours. Tight-fitting clothes are out now. My choice would be my Bodha Wellness Collection, an Ayurvedic clothing brand. We have also introduced nightwear using soft cotton that is as light as a feather.

Sakhi Elsa

Sakhi Elsa   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Sakhi Elsa

Costumier and designer

Not only are cotton garments comfortable to wear, they look chic too. Last season, the Boho look was what was in vogue in the fashion industry. You can see the influence in Trisha’s character in Hey Jude. This time around, I think floral prints, small chequered patterns, lace fabrics and ruffles will be in style, although traces of the Boho influence will remain. If last season, the colours were more of blues and whites, this time, pastel shades will rule the roost. As in the previous season, there will be a lot of experimentation on the sleeves. Sampanna, my line of outfits, has formal wears in sober tones and dresses with flowery prints in mostly pastel shades, in both cottons and chiffon.

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