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This summer try replacing your plastic water containers with earthen pots, clay or copper bottles

As temperatures soar with Sun god becoming less kinder with each passing day, nothing works better than cold water. You open the fridge and take out refrigerated water to soothe your parched throat. Here's something that does a bit extra: mud water bottles, earthen pots and copper bottles. Those who grew up drinking water from earthen pots are unlikely to forget the taste of that water. Not just that, the whiff and taste of the mud mingling with water made it refreshing. The mud bottles were eco-friendly, supported traditional crafts of pottery and generated livelihood.

Be with the element

Though they are not the norm now, what with plastic taking over our lives, make an effort and you will find a green alternative to plastic. In 6th block Koramangala, Kishore, a potter from Rajasthan is selling earthen pots in all shapes with a small tap attached to them for convenience. Made in Ahmedabad, some of them are hand-painted too. "While people prefer the plain ones, this one is an option too, as they look nice. We manage to sell around 10-12 pots every day in summers," says Kishore. The pots are priced between Rs 200-300.

These earthen pots aren't restricted to Koramangala, they have made their annual appearance in different parts of the city. So think about mother earth and switch over to the pots for a cool refreshing sip.

Neer Patra

You also have the option of Neer Patra - one litre clay bottles by NGO REWA (Raise Empower Women Around). Abhishek Saran started the project in 2016 with the aim of replacing plastic bottles with clay bottles in households in Bengaluru. While earlier, these bottles were made by potters in Uttar Pradesh and transported to the city, now they are crafted in a village, 50 kms away from Bengaluru.

Be with the element

"It also generates income for the artisans who have been practising this craft for centuries. So, it's a win-win situation for all," says Abhishek who has sold around 5000 bottles so far. Each bottle is priced at Rs.350 and is aesthetically designed. The feedback made him lighten the weight of the bottles and modify their lids and mouths. Abhishek is a little disappointed with slow demand but he is staying put hoping one day the product will make sense to Bengalureans. "In a city like this, which is so vibrant and supports such causes, it is surprising, why haven't they taken to a concept like this. When educated people tell me "Oh it will break! I feel like laughing because we haven't stopped using porcelain dinner sets, glasses, bone china cups at home when they can break as well. Why don't we realise that they are eco-friendly and healthy."

Be with the element

To procure these bottles, you can either visit REWA's office in JP Nagar to pick up any number of bottles but if you want a doorstep delivery, you have to order a minimum of 30 bottles. Call Abhishek on 9535046900 or visit

Copper water bottles

Now, copper is one trend that's really catching on and you can also jump the bandwagon if you already haven't. It's good to follow such healthy and eco-friendly fads. They are available in any local utensil shop and also online at Flipkart, Shopclues or Amazon. The bottles look artsy and offer health benefits. I saw my great great maternal grandfather keeping water in a copper lota by his charpoy at night and drink it the first thing in the morning. According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel helps balance the three doshas - vata, pitta and kapha - in one's body. The water from a copper vessel is called "Tamra jal" in Sanskrit. It also becomes naturally alkaline. Copper has anti-bacterial properties too, boosts immunity and stimulates the brain.

Make sure to buy a pure copper water bottle with no other metals mixed with it. Before using, rinse it properly using lemon and water.

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