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Check out these Do-It-Yourself kits to learn new crafts at home


In the past few months of lockdown, we tried our hand at many hobbies such as gardening, baking, and craft. They have kept us both engaged and entertained. Many entrepreneurs have used this opportunity to come up with interesting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits on varied fields. Here are a few.

Fly high

A one-year-old start-up, ActiveDabba that focusses on aeromodelling and art and craft is based in Coimbatore. It is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Naveen Krishnamurthy, Vidya Ravichandran, Giriprabhu Seshadri, and Gokulnath GP. The team had been conducting workshops on aerospace from 2018. “After completing a few successful ones, we wanted to share the knowledge with a larger crowd. This is how we came up with the DIY kit idea,” says Naveen.

The design of the gliders and aircraft in the kits is done in-house. “Both Giriprabhu and Gokulnath are aeronautical engineers and I am an aeronautics enthusiast. While the three of us designed the aeronautical kits, Vidya focussed on the art and craft ones” he explains.

The company now offers a total of 26 kits. The loose components have to be assembled as per the instructions on the manual. “It is made of balsa wood and plastic and is laser cut. There is a perception that aeronautics is an expensive field and we are trying to break it by providing pocket-friendly kits,” Naveen explains. The art and craft kits have origami, canvas painting, and pebble painting, that help in improving hand-eye coordination and creativity in kids. The team is now working on making drones, satellite and pottery kits. “We hope to launch them soon,” says Naveen.

ActiveDabba supplies their products across India. Prices start from ₹150. Call 7845802872 or visit for details

Check out these Do-It-Yourself kits to learn new crafts at home

Learn with robots

Balaji Thiru from Vilupuram has been working in the robotics industry for 11 years. He is an assistant professor at the Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R &D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai and is also the founder of the firm, Tamil Robotics Club that sells DIY robots for beginners. “I finished my Masters in Robotics and started selling the kits in 2016. My dream is to introduce robotics to every child in the State,” he says. Balaji has conducted free workshops for children in rural areas in Chennai, Coimbatore, Vilupuram, and Madurai. “Robotics help a child in developing problem-solving skills and teaches them the basics of prototyping, designing, and programming. My products are simple to use and are designed to create curiosity in the mind of children.”

Balaji has five robotic kits. While some of them can move, some others can identify obstacles and deviate from their path. “It took me two years to develop these models,” he says. The kits are pocket-friendly and start from ₹100. “The control board is made in-house, and that helps us maintain the price. Interested children can further programme the robots to identify faces and do other tasks,” he says.

Visit or call 8056834037 or 8778262286 for details.

Check out these Do-It-Yourself kits to learn new crafts at home

Splash of colours

Coimbatore-based M Tharunikka’s Instagram page Splashverse is filled with vibrant colours. It features photographs of tie-dyed T-shirts, all made with the kits that she sells. “I am a Textile Engineering student and learnt the craft from college and through online research. It was fascinating and I tried it using natural dyes derived from red cabbage and beetroot for the first time during the lockdown. The purple shades came out well initially, but faded in the first wash,” she says.

Soon she procured industrial quality dyes from Tiruppur. “This worked and the colours did not bleed.”

Her DIY kits contain fixation solutions, a plain white T-shirt or crop top according to choice, rubber bands, gloves, dyes, and an instruction manual. “The number of colours can be customised. I have also done videos explaining three different methods for different designs. The process is very simple, and can take around two hours,” she says.

Tharunikkia’s kits range from ₹500 to ₹650 and she ships her products across India. Visit @splashverse_ on Instagram for details.

Check out these Do-It-Yourself kits to learn new crafts at home

Airplanes in the sky

Bengaluru-based The Arty Smarty Project was launched after the lockdown by Abhishek Saraf, Abhimanyu Saraf, and Nataliya Saxena. “We have a background in advertising and wanted to do a very creative business. Abhishek is a gaming enthusiast and my dad was a pilot in the Navy. All this inspired us to come up with DIY toy kits,” says Nataliya. They have aerodynamic kits with three aircraft models. “The designs are inspired by Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Kamov Ka-50 and Aeronca L3,” she explains.

The components are acrylic pieces that are laser cut. “Each set takes around two hours to be assembled. The card that comes with the product has a QR code, that takes you to a demonstration video,” she says. Their craft kit has a clock and a lamp that can be painted by the customer. “People can select designs for the lamp from our website.” she says. The team now works on making kits on different monuments from around the world. “We are starting with the Eiffel Tower. It will be available soon,” she says.

The kit starts from ₹549 and is available in Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Visit for details.

Plant a seed

Ebin Ephrem Elavathingal wanted his child to go to a school that teaches farming. “I realised that most organisations do not give the topic any importance. I decided to launch a project called World in Farm, that introduces children to the subject,” he says. He tied up with Sakthivel K, an entrepreneur based in Madurai, and roped in seven farmers across Coimbatore, Pollachi, and Madurai for their initiative. “We planned to take school kids to the farms every weekend and teach them farming.”

The duo drafted a syllabus that helps children understand the ecosystem, food chain, seed selection, preparing the soil, etc and conducted two sessions in Madurai. Soon the pandemic struck and they had to stop. “That is when we decided to come up with kits with all the necessary products to learn the basics of farming at home. We put out the word in our social media platforms and soon we started getting orders,” he says.

Each kit contains carefully selected seeds, soil mixed with manure, a grow bag, organic pesticide solution, and a manual with instructions on how to take care of the plants. “We source the seeds from farmers and the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,” he says.

The kit starts at ₹90. Call 8608871834 for orders

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