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Play is an important part of any dog’s life, and it enriches the bond they share with you.   | Photo Credit: 28dmcpetpals

Play is an important part of any dog’s life and it enriches the bond they share with you. This week, we look at a few types of toys and games you can play with them.

Retrieve toys: Many dogs love to chase and retrieve toys like tennis balls and frisbees. You can modify this game and teach your dog to fetch you the morning newspaper or even the TV remote. These jobs will give your dog a sense of accomplishment and it’s so much fun! Remember that retrieve games should only be played in secure and enclosed areas.

Squeaky toys: Dogs love toys that squeak. Many will not rest until they “de-squeak” it and then the toy “dies”. Such toys are sometimes useful in teaching dogs that they cannot be playful with all of them. The squeaks get their attention quicker and they can be used to motivate them during training.

Tug toys: Most dogs enjoy this game but make sure you set basic ground rules while playing by teaching your dog to release the toy on cue. Any toy can be used for this game but it would be more comfortable if the toy used materials that will not cause damage to the dog’s teeth and gums. Also make sure that the toy is long enough to avoid accidental mouthing. Tug-of-war can also be a great way to redirect inappropriate mouthing in young puppies.

Chew toys: Chewing is a very natural and extremely satisfying activity among dogs.

It helps them to exercise their jaws and also provides them with an activity that they can enjoy all by themselves. Compared to store-bought chew toys and raw hide chews, dogs prefer natural chews. The plastic and paints in the store-bought toys are not as pleasant and comforting as the natural scents in the latter. Opt for meat bones if you’re non-vegetarian, and use raw carrots if you’re vegetarian.

(The author is founder of Confident Dogs)

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