Pet Pals – The great Indian mongrel

The Great Indian Mongrel is proof that every dog is lovable regardless of parentage.  

Saipriya grabbed a confused puppy that was about to be crushed under a car's wheels. Nithya hopped off a bus, and rescued a pup that was looking for food (and getting stoned) at a tea-stall. Tara adopted a puppy whose family was washed away in the tsunami. Each of these pups was orphaned, and their owners didn't know (or care) what breed they were.

The Great Indian Mongrel is now a symbol of pride. It's also proof that every dog is lovable regardless of parentage. Indian dog owners always have great stories to tell — the moment a doe-eyed puppy clawed at a shelter fence and they knew he was the one, or the time they went to a humane dog show and won a sparkly trophy that said “Survivor Award”. These families are unconcerned about things such as kennel club certification, and feel that purebreds are often victims of the very trade that encourages these certifications.

“I've seen Labradors die painful deaths due to hip dysplasia, Pomeranians die of heart attacks, pugs with breathing problems, golden retrievers dying of nose bleeds”, says Naina Athale of IDA (In Defense of Animals). Many of these pedigrees land up in shelters when they fall sick. Luckily for them, a rescue is around the corner, for, even those who want specific breeds are choosing to go to shelters rather than breeders. Under the care of genuine owners, their adorable quirks come to the surface.

Says Suchitra who adopted an Indian dog from Blue Cross: “Whenever the phone rings, Blackie starts howling. This is to alert me that I have to stop whatever I am doing, and immediately answer the phone,” she laughs. Here's to the growing community of breed-no-bar dog lovers. Thanks to them, every homeless dog, pedigree or Indian has a real chance at happiness.

(To adopt an Indian puppy or dog, email or call 9884254392)

Take me Home This curious kitty was bottle-fed after being rescued and loves playing hide and seek. Call 9884149720 for details

Dewdrop and Snowdrop are siblings that are fond of each other and would like to be adopted by cat-loving families. Call 91768-61878.

Hold my paw

I hurt my head in an accident but it has healed beautifully. Blue Cross calls me Rocky the survivor: one-eyed but as vigilant as ever. I'm a very cheerful dog and want a nice family that will be proud to have me. Call 9176025265 to get in touch.

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