Eating out in Seoul

Spicy seafood stew with optional add-in ramen noodles
Seafood stew: the flavours intensify as the broth cooks down and
flavours merge on the table grill
Soldier stew. Also known as army stew and Johnson Tang. An
incongruous mix of US army rations with Korean ingredients, created
soon after the Korean War when food was scarce. It's unexpectedly
A bowl of fiery tteokbokki with vegetable tempura
The famous Korean Bulgogi or grilled meat. Tackled with sissors and
tongs at the table
A street food vendor in touristy Isadong frying the popular Hotteok
pancakes, stuffed with molten brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped nuts
Freshly made Hotteok
Egg bread is a cross between a donut and cake
Patbingsu. Perfect on a warm day, this is flaky shaved ice soaked
in coconut milk and topped with sweet red bean paste. The dessert is
crowned with chewy rice cakes

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