Greatness of Goddess Parvati

Lord Srikalahasteeswara and Goddess Parvati ride on the 'Adhikara Nandi' and 'Kamadhenu' vahanams respectively as part of the annual Brahmotsavams at Srikalahasti on Sunday. - Lord Srikalahasteeswara and Goddess Parvati ride on the Adhikara Nandi and Kamadhenu vahanams respectively as part of the annual Brahmotsavams at Srikalahasti on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: Supplied picture

When Lord Siva consumed the Halahala poison, it was Goddess Parvati who intervened to see that Her Consort was not harmed by the poison. She can turn even poison into nectar, said M.A. Manickavelu. Many are the qualities of the Goddess that fill us with awe and bhakti. Abhirami Bhattar, a devotee of the Goddess, who composed the Abhirami Andadi, in praise of the Goddess at Thirukkadaiyur, compares Her to a koel, which sings in a sweet voice. He says that when She took birth as the daughter of Parvataraja, She danced in the Himalayas, with the grace of a peacock. She is luminous like the Sun. Just as the Sun dispels darkness, the moment She enters the hearts of Her devotees, She dispels darkness.

She resides in us as Antaryami. If the hearts of Her devotees can be compared to soft-petalled lotuses, She is like a swan that resides in these lotuses. She is the embodiment of the Vedas. She is responsible for Creation, Protection and Destruction. Those who do not worship Her may have many other things that they may think of as contributing to their status. They may be from a reputable family. They may have an excellent lineage. They may have had the best education. They may have prodigious wealth. They may even be generous with their wealth. But in the absence of bhakti towards the Goddess, all of these are of no use to them at all. They are truly impoverished people, akin to beggars, without bhakti towards the Goddess.

Abhirami Bhattar describes how, when Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati had had an argument, and had then made up, Lord Siva lifted the Goddess' foot and puts it on His head. It is said that Lord Siva holds in His hand a fire. Bhattar wonders where He laid this fire, when He lifted Goddess Parvati's foot. Lord Siva has the Ganges trapped in His matted locks. Bhattar also wonders where Lord Siva placed the Ganges when He put Goddess Parvati's foot on His head. Bhattar was so devout, that he was able to visualise and versify even a divine quarrel, and the subsequent reconciliation between them. Bhattar says that even if the Goddess does not think fit to forgive him his sins, he will still continue to sing of Her.

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